Trees Are Our Best Friend

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In Our life we always feel happy and fresh to see or watch the green things or scenery. We always make friends and a little bit friendship and lot of benefits is by friendship with🌲 🌲 trees.

Actually like our companions, trees likewise come in our utilization differently. We for the most part share everything with our companions, comparatively, trees do likewise. They give us their organic products, seeds, blossoms, spices and that's only the tip of the iceberg. It is outlandish for human existence to work without trees as they have a place with the classification of chief wellsprings of oxygen on earth. 

They are liable for ensuring us under their shade. Further, they even assistance in forestalling common disasters like dry spells and floods. As well as being valuable for people, trees are likewise a permanent place to stay for a few birds and creatures. 

They give haven to them which at last advantages people also. As such, trees satisfy the part of a closest companion in each individual's life regardless of anything. 

In spite of holding a particularly incredible importance in our lives, people have been overexploiting trees for a very long time. This consistent practice can end up being incredibly destroying for the earth and human existence, both. 

For example, the mechanical area is chopping down trees quickly for achieving crude materials in mass. Accordingly, even governments are adding to deforestation by clear-slicing to assemble enormous structures. 

The world is transforming into a solid wilderness with paying practically zero regard to its critical results. Accordingly, one should understand these realities and follow up on them before it gets past the point of no return. 

To summarize it, as life gets hard without our closest companion, a similar will occur with the absence of trees as well. The least we can accomplish for trees is save them from being chopped down. Without trees, this planet will transform into a desert. 

While different administrations of various nations are taking measures to preserve them, we should do it too independently. Energize planting of trees and join crusades that do likewise. Make the world a greener place and secure our closest companions.

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Suman Naz
02 Mar

 You are right dear.Trees is a big part of our environment and it is a big source to provide oxygen to us.It keeps our environment clean.We should stop the erosion of trees.The government should also prevent their erosion.  


Lubna Rao
02 Mar

Yeah right dear without tree you know we can't survive 


Jeremiah Akpabio
02 Mar

Trees are so important in our environment and they play vital role in the development of man in the environment. Trees help to balance the ecosystem and is of economic importance to man. It provide shares, act as wind breaker and it products are use in the construction of shelter for man.


Lubna Rao
02 Mar


Right... No existence of our lives without trees 


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
02 Mar

It is good that
People promote the conservation of the environment and the care of trees, because trees are of great benefit to our planet, since they purify the environment, and refresh it, there are many benefits of trees. This publication is of great relevance.


Lubna Rao
02 Mar

Now a days people are perfer big building and ignore the value of tree or nature. But it is most important part of our life. 

Means no tree no human


Naeem Hussain
02 Mar

Trees provide us good and healthy life thanks for your good adviss we need to care about plantation


Lubna Rao
02 Mar

Yes. We feel better fresh and healthy in the shadows of tree 


zdigital 22
03 Mar

No pun intented but trees need food too. Your fart is best food for trees, or your vehicles smoke emission, or cows poop too. That in return will give us fresh air -oxygen. How ironic.







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