Travel with Ayesha 💞Balochistan trip

The beauty of Pakistan is no more confidential from the eye of the world; as I love traveling and having maternal and parental from two distinct provinces gives an advantage to visiting such marvelous places each year😊🤭. This time I visited Balochistan;province of Pakistan having boundaries with Iran; sadly the rate of fertility is much tiny here you can say it's barren but the beauty of land and mountains attracts human eyes.It is the most visited place by tourist and wildlife photographers;

Specialty Of Ormara;

This beach is located between the mountains and one side is touching the sea; it looks like a beach between the Us yellow stone mountains.

Princess of hope is the place being famous because of first glance resemblance with Angelina Jolie;

Mud Volcano has much popularity from the side of visitors;

Hingol National park is Pakistan's first largest National park and I was announced by UNO as the second largest National park in the world.

​My love for Uptrennd;

Here mostly Mammals are present including Markhoor; Chinkakra Gazella and Bear species.

The music in the background is the national milli song of our country describing the features and love of Pakistan,

Hope so you will love this vlog;



Usman Khalid
26 Jan

Ahhaaam Balochistan,well we'll

It's one of dream places I want to visit because of natural views that this province hide in itself


Ayesha Malik
26 Jan

Hmmm then backup your language and be sure the journey is much tiring than your thinking 😂


Umar Khan
26 Jan

Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan very beautifully and Balochistan is a very beautiful province of Pakistan..You must have enjoyed this visit to Balochistan very much..


Ayesha Malik
26 Jan

Yes I have enjoyed this trip a lot 🤭

Thanks for your time.


Merit Ahama
26 Jan

Awww Pakistan my dream country🥰 when will I ever visit there to do an actual travel with my friend Ayesha😁

Those places are lovely and I love what you did with the sand in the second picture. Uptrennd is popular😂

Nice one form you dear. 


Ayesha Malik
26 Jan

Awwww I would be there to guide and assist you dear;

It's my first effort to make the world realize how beautiful our country is;

And yes Uptrennd is popular;🤭

Hope so @Navi sir would appreciate my effort as I have given my words regarding this vlog😄


Khadija Sheikh
26 Jan

I haven't been here until today

From your video it seems to me that you are going through a lot

I really like this travel video


Hina G
26 Jan

No doubt pakistan is most beautiful country there is no replacment of pakistan beauty







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