Trade in Buxcoin and Earn Money

Buxcoin is a secure, private and decentralized. With Buxcoins, you no longer have to depend on a currency controlled by a central authority. You can send, receive or trade Buxcoins safely, without the fear of others tracking your transactions. And, the super-fast transaction speed of Buxcoins (7000 transactions per second) makes it easy to transact with anyone in any corner of the world. It is safely trading on different exchanges. Now a days price low, you can buy and trade from exchanges mentioned below.


Buxcoin usability is based on MT4 trading. The main purpose of this coin is to bring forex user in crypto forex combination and coin will use for depositing mt4 trade. Before that people uses skrill, paypal and other method for depositing. These methods charge huge amount in transaction fee. Buxcoin is best alternate for forex trading deposit. You can also use leverage based trading on cashfinex by utilizing buxcoin.

Distribution method:

Buxcoin was distributed to users through different packages at the CRM platform of bitsolives. These packages are not available anymore from 31st December 2019. Because all premined coins 450million have been distributed through packages. For now you can only buy Buxcoin from exchanges that are mentioned below and 50million coin are mineable, you can mine it.

New Packages and Passive Income:

New packages will be available after 15th of January. These packages will based on 24 month duration and weekly or monthly ROI as withdrawal. Launching date is not confirmed yet.

**I will update about new packages soon.

Buxcoin and Bitsolives Projects: Main platform for main information and all linked websites. All buxcoin distributed through this channel. It is copy trading platform like etoro and zulutrade. E-commerce platform. Binary trading platform. Like IQoption This is token coin and use for entertainment industry.


Buxcoin is trading on following exchanges:

**more exchanges are coming soon.


Monitors are the sites where you can find all information about any coin i.e. historical data, ranking, volume, charts and so on.

Following monitors are actively monitoring this coin:

**buxcoin will listed on new monitors soon

**Note: This article based on my research and is only for information sharing because some users asked for detail. 



preview not available Dotun Awosika
12 Jan

Interesting outline on Buxcoin, it would be indeed great to adopt it; will be researching more on this. Interesting post.


Abdul Wahab
12 Jan

Thanks @Dotun Deetee . I will update you soon about its new development.


Sincere Helper
12 Jan

Yes dear all old electronic payment system are slow and the crypto transction system are awesome due to fast transction and nominal fees. You tell us very detail about buxcoin that how they are using now.


Mohammad Abdullah
12 Jan

Very interesting information about bux coin. 

Try to check it out. 

Thanks for sharing details. 


Serhii Obushenko

From your post, I learned about the Buxcoin, it will be interesting to study.Thank you.







Our Company Overview Bux provides a seamless experience of sending and receiving money globally, harnessing the power of the blockchain, a decentralized peer-to-peer network. By becoming a part of the fast-growing network of Buxcoins, customers and merchants can transact reliably, securely, instantly and cost-effectively, using our revolutionary and innovative digital coins. Headquartered in London and with offices all over the globe, Buxcoin is one of the fastest-growing digital currencies of today.


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