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It's no longer news that Torum conducted a Presale and it was fully sold out even before the closing date of the Presale, what is news on the other hand is the continuous membership growth of Torum and it's continuous rise on the Alexa ranking. Torum, a complete Cryptocurrency ecosystem recently crossed the 25,000 membership mark and moved up the Alexa ranking into 46,372 position from is previous position of 50,580 position as at March 16th 2021. Just three months ago, Torum was ranked at number 145,546 position but look at where we are today!  This is a very commendable feat as Torum Landers only believed in Torum project and keyed into it from the onset based on the assurance from the core team and Torum Whitepaper. This shows Torum team are great at marketing and I commend them greatly for this laudable feat.

To better understand this, in my referral drive to Torum, I've had course to interact with friends and colleagues on joining us at Torum and the first question they ask is the price of XTM and the exchange it’s listed on. If I tell any of them XTM is yet to be listed on any exchange, most of them develop cold feet believing, it’s time wasting but the Torum Team sold out their Presale and may be planning for an IDO before being listed on an exchange. Plans are also underway to start liquidity mining, XTM staking as well as NFT staking all in their bid to provide multiple use cases for XTM token.

This is one, among many reasons I so believe in Torum project and in preparation for listing, when Torum team announced Torum Finance and it's governance token, I'm more than convinced the core team is moving this forum in the right direction and I've come to trust their judgement. The team is constantly working on scene and behind the scene, tweaking the roadmap and Tokenomics to deliver a forum that will become the heartbeat of the Crypto world. An updated Whitepaper to reflect changes to Torum roadmap and Tokenomics will soon be published.

In their quest to give all Landers a wonderful trading experience with XTM, the core team decided to take XTM Multichain on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum network. This move was as a result of high/excessive gas fee on Ethereum Network. As a matter of choice, you can trade XTM, either as BXTM or EXTM. As for me, I'll prefer trading my XTM on BSC as I currently value fees payable over Decentralization. You can read more ​Here​​​

When the team recently announced in the forum that to prevent token inflation as a result of supply exceeding demands, Torum native token XTM, will be undergoing it’s first halving, I believe it's all for the good of all Landers and the health of Torum ecosystem. With halving, what you gain in price far outweigh your supposed loss. This recent announcement, after we passed 25,000 members on Torum shows how future minded the core team are. As much as I'll love to accumulate more XTM at present rate, I'm more convinced selling my tokens at a higher price is better for me.

The core team members behind this revolutionary crypto ecosystem are;

• Ah Go @ Yi Feng Go (Founder, CEO & Front-End Web Developer)

• Alwin Chang (Co-Founder & CDO, Web and Mobile UI/UX Designer)

• Jayson Tan (Co-Founder & CMO, Community Manager)

• Teddy Tan (Co-Founder, CFO & COO)

• Lucas Go (Co-Founder, Creative Director & Graphic Designer)

• Nelthan Ng (COO of XTORUM, Exchange Operation & Customer Support)

• Prabhat Kumar (Technical Lead, DevOps Manager &Back-end Web Developer)

• Pardeep Sharma (Front-end Tech Lead, Front-end Web Developer)

• Jacky Chong (Back-end Web Developer)

• Ankit Metwal (Front-end Mobile Developer)

• Max Kwan (Back-end Web Developer)

• Wan Xin Chai (Front-end Web Developer)

If you have engaged on Torum, you will notice how active these people are. They are always working around the clock to keep Landers happy. Tag any of them under your post and like a superman, they will be there to attend to your needs even with apologies. Jayson Tan for me is my favorite team member as he's always ready to go the extra mile to market Torum and make you understand why you need to be on Torum. Nelthan Ng for me is wonderful with customers/Landers support. Alwinn and Teddy Tan sense of duty is simply amazing. The core team members are like every other members on Torum, educating and learning from members/Landers.

Their level of engagement in the forum, alongside other great Landers makes Torum thick and well positioned to becoming your go to place for trading advices on coins/tokens to buy, and crypto price movement predictions and giveaway. I must confess, becoming a member of this forum has improved my Crypto trading and Crypto knowledge.

If you want to BUIDL, learn, have fun, and earn with us, I'll love to have you on Torum and we can both share 150 XTM tokens equally and to welcome you further, I promise you a Doge CEO gift valued at an additional 50 XTM and 50 Shard power by following my referral link.

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Asher Rasheed
02 Apr

Now a days, a lot of websites are there that help you earn something..Thanks for sharing information about another one.I didnot know about this before.


Omoniyi Popoola
02 Apr

I hope you won't mind joining with my referral link. Looking forward to having you on Torum


Endeme Tariah
02 Apr

Although Torum has not been listed on any exchange yet it has gotten wide recognition and very positive Torum will shock the world soon 


Omoniyi Popoola
02 Apr

Are you on Torum?


Zeeshan Shahid
02 Apr

Torrum is great platform. I already joined this platform. I have 675 XTM and what is the procedure to exchange it? 


Omoniyi Popoola
03 Apr

Torum Finance will soon launch on Binance Smart Chain


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