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Torum is going to rock hard in Q2

Long time, no see. I stopped cross-posting a while ago and now that the bull run is doing its thing, I don't have enough time to create unique articles for each of the social media networks that I'm registered on. 

Today I decided to write an article on Uptrennd and share my excitement about Torum and how it is developing into a crypto platform where all people and projects can meet each other. The growth has been pretty amazing, to say the least.

So, what does Torum have in store?

First and, in my opinion, the most important thing that is coming is the XTM token listing on exchanges. XTM is the native token of Torum that you can earn either by completing various missions or by receiving gifts from other members of the community. The XTM token will come in two forms because it will support both, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. That's pretty awesome taking the fact that BSC is growing like a beast! 

The second most important addition that is coming to Torum ecosystem is their own DeFi project called Torum Finance. Not only will we be able to stake our earned tokens, we'll be able to do so much more, for example, stake our NFT's that you can receive from rewarding other users with some gifts. 

The third thing I wanted to talk about is nearly as important as the previous ones and it's a mobile app. Yes, you can use Torum from your mobile phone by choosing to browse the desktop version but the experience is quite laggy, and having an app will be really cool because most of the internet users are using the internet from their smartphones. 

Some New Features

Not only is Torum working to deliver the products that I talked about, they are also improving their UI by adding new, useful features. First is the draft option where your posts are saved and you don't have to worry about the website crashing while you were in the middle of writing a post.

The second is the cashtag feature that you may know from Twitter. It's when you put a dollar sign ($) plus the ticker of your coin. Once you publish your post, other users will be able to see the price and other data of this coin.

Inviting Friends

Inviting other users to join Torum is still a thing. For every user that joins with your invitation link, you'll both earn 75 XTM once that person is verified. If you're not using Whatsapp that is required to verify that you're a human, you can contact admins in the official Telegram group of Torum. Once you're done setting up your Torum account, let the admins know and they'll help you with verification.

As you can see in the screenshot, I've already managed to invite more than 50 verified users. It gets me 3825 XTM which is awesome.

Completing Missions

As I mentioned in the beginning, every user can earn XTM by completing various missions. The easiest one is to login once a day - for that you can claim one XTM. If you're consistent and do it for 7 days in a row, you'll complete a weekly mission and receive 40 XTM. Pretty good, taking the fact that it is only from logging in.

There are other missions like, creating a post, spreading other posts, and more. One of the weekly missions is to acquire 50 followers in a week. It was pretty hard a few months back but now I don't even have to do anything to get to 50 followers because new people are joining up like crazy. For completing this mission, you can receive 17 XTM. 

As you can see in the screenshot, I've managed to accumulate more than 10K XTM since the last summer.

Once you put it all together, consistency and time pays off. Torum is a great example of that. If you're not on Torum yet, you can press on the banner below to use my invitation link and join. 

Thank you for reading, have an awesome week ahead, and feel free to explore my website by pressing on the banner below.



Pat Jules
19 Apr

yay see you back on Torum fellow Landers. It's a good platform and has great potential for earning XTM token. Time is our greatest investment there, so it pays off when we tried to do our missions on the platform. 


ATMODEPTH #Indiegamedev
19 Apr

Wow, there are some new things I must check out!

I also love to use multiple platforms :-D




Zeehsan Ashraf
19 Apr

O yes, absolutely right dude.

It's not easy to accumulate 10K XTM in summer. Thanks for sharing such valuable analysis and Information with us.


Farah Ikram
20 Apr

I am hearing about torum from a long time but today I get the whole knowledge to work on it and different missions they gave us.The thing I like most is its Mobile app.I will surly join it.


man dem
20 Apr

Thanks for the post. 

Torum IEO price stands at $0.05 on coincodex :

End date: Sep 15, 2021 



Odukoya Ewatomi
21 Apr

That is quite far. I hope the market is still bullish by then


man dem
22 Apr

As long as Torum is a serious project yes


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