Torum Ecosystem tokens XTM and XTF now BEP-20

Today, Torum announced it's native token XTM as well as Torum Finance token XTF are now officially verified on Binance Smart Chain Scan with these contract address;

Torum (XTM) - BEP-20

Torum Finance (XTF) - BEP-20 

Following this development, the Torum core team will be killing off it's former XTM ERC-20 Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain in the next 48 hours by sending all previous tokens minted to a blackhole address. 

Will XTM now become only a BEP-20 token alone? The answer is NO as a new XTM and XTF ERC-20 Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain with cross-chain swapping feature will soon be deployed to allow trading options. 

This change from an ERC-20 token was necessitated because of high gas fee on the Ethereum Network and to allow traders low gas fee offered on Binance Smart Chain. The recent high gas fee has affected trading on Ethereum Network and most small bag holders are strongly affected by this fee that eats deeper into their trading profits. 

With this news, I believe Torum, a crypto based social media forum is moving towards full listing on Exchanges. Before the much anticipated listing, I believe Torum NFT Marketplace will come on board to provide use cases for XTM token. 

The staking platform will also go live as you can earn XTF staking your XTM on Torum Finance. The core team of Torum came prepared to really take all Landers to the Moon. 

Are you on Torum? I believe now is the best time to join as claimable XTM on Torum will soon be halved. You can earn 10 XTM daily performing tasks and 40 XTM weekly by signing in daily. There are other missions you can undertake to earn XTM.  

You can buy XTM on exchange(s) when it listed but you will need to be on Torum to stake your XTM to earn XTF. All I'll say is congratulations to Torum early adopters. You can join Torum following this link.

Torum invitation card​​​



Lummy Ayeni
13 Apr

This is a very good information for all crypto currency dealers and I believe we are going to find something useful from it thanks for sharing buddy.


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