Torum dream and the journey so far

A space explorer, called a Lander, saw a space not explored on the moon and decided to explore this space. This Lander called others, promised he’ll take them to the moon top if they’ll take the journey with him. Some have heard stories of how hard it was walking on the moon so they were skeptical of the journey. Some said in unison, many have promised us same thing that they’ll take us to the moontop but while at it, the rocket crashed heavily back to ground zero, and we were all left with nothing. How will yours be different?

This Explorer, holding on to his strong believe told them his ride will be different and showed them how he’s planning to make the journey worthwhile. He assured them proper planning will guarantee a smooth ride, let them into his world and showed them what his vision looks like(Whitepaper). Some still doubted him, claiming they’ve seen people with great plans and zero execution.


This Lander, along with few believers decided to take the flight to the moon. Though pretty dark at first, he was undeterred and hoisted his flag to mark his presence in the moon. He believed someday, the sun will shine, he’ll start the construction(s) fully but patiently work in the darkness to lay the proper foundation for this city.  

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Then along came the sun to illuminate the darkness.

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Some space travelers saw what the Landers were able to Buidl even in the dark and decided to join in the adventure of building/creating this new community. 

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These people work hard to Buidl when the sun is still shining to create a city on the moon that will be beholden to all. Different facilities were put in place to make life fun and conducive for future occupiers of this space and to make their stay worthwhile.

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Right at the heart of the Moon, the new kid and his firm believers built a wonderful city, big enough to contain all and sundry. When others came to see this newly built city, they were so much in awe of the man with the novel concept to built this city. More people were happy to join them in the new community and build together.

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This is the simple story of Torum and it’s wonderful, amazing team, who along with few believers of about 1000 decided to build a complete Cryptocurrency ecosystem where everyone interested in Crypto can come learn, make friends, earn and Buidl together. In my little time on Torum, I’ve seen Torum risen in it’s Alexa ranking from below 150,000th position to it’s present 45,947th position globally and we are not going to rest until we reach the top 50.

Torum is a complete, Crypto Ecosystem built with all necessary facilities/ amenities to make it a one stop shop for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts that includes, but not limited to:

i.Torum Finance: An automated market making platform built on top of Binance Smart Chain with A set of complex DeFi functionalities. The governance token of Torum Finance is XTF.

ii.Fair Governance Token Distribution: XTF, the governance token of Torum Finance is only available to the platform’s liquidity providers and users.

iii.Cross-chain Swapping: Swapping XTM and XTF from BSC (BEP-20) to the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20), and vice versa. More EVM-based blockchains will be supported in the future.

iv.NFT Staking: Contains tier-based multiplier that increases based on 5 levels of NFTs purchased from Torum Initial Staking NFT Offering (ISNO). ISNO is a new crypto funding innovation that issues stake-able NFTs to the public. The term was invented by Torum to provide utility and use cases compared to the other initial NFT offerings in the industry. The first ISNO will feature 5 unique NFTs with different tiers and staking benefits and is scheduled on the Q2 of 2021.

v.Programmable NFTs: Unique NFTs for all Torum users that change their appearances based on user activeness factors (e.g., shards, followers, account age, etc.) on Torum social media platform. If you’ve been following my Torum posts, by now, you’ll know the meaning of shards as it relates to Torum.

vi.Interactive Farming: A staking multiplier that changes based on user activeness on Torum social media. The active you are on Torum, the more you make from interactive farming.

vii.Liquidity Burning: A token deflationary mechanism to reduce the total supply of XTF.

With Torum, you can be rest assured it’s a continuous building process and lots of use cases of XTM will come up in the future as we are constantly innovating.

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