Top Geneous psychological tricks (Part 2)

First of all I want to thank The whole community especially our Gaurdians Hafsa Mansoor, Lucas S and Naveed Ahmad  for appreciating 1st episode of this series.

In this series we will discuss psychological tricks which will help you in everyday life in implementing your strategies and understanding  the strategies of other. Lets discuss one of such tricks

The Effect Of Complete Certainty

In the prevoius Episode "The Framing Effect" we learnt that people's decision can be changed by " The Framing Effect". Read post ​here​​​ 

 Normally we want to do  things where there is no risk involved. If there is a chance of bad happening we get nervous and back out.

For example if your friend wants to take a selfie at a very dangerous point. And you think it may harm hid life . But he is confident there is nothing bad going to happen. You can help your friend by creating realistic doubts. Then  there are more chances that risk will change his mind. So this is how you can save anyone from falling into terrible situation by using " The Effect of Certainty"

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Mughal Mirza
10 Aug

this is just simple that we can save anyone by our common sense and by asking them that they are wrong


Fami How
10 Aug

But sometimes simple things do not work life is a complicated phenomena and if things are complicated  you will have to deal such things by creating complication


Pa3ck Soft
10 Aug

thanks for sharing this wonderful peice 


Fami How
10 Aug

Every psychological tricks should be used for positive  purpose, you should never use any psychological trick for negative purpose.

What do you think about this trick?


Alfred Solomon
12 Aug

Reality makes us realized the good and bad







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