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Top cryptocurrencies to invest in to get 5x of initial investment

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Mark Anstead 8 months ago

My only concern with this list shockingly is with Cardano- Theyve been building and developing for years now, but really nothing to show for haha. Obviously once they get some stuff built out that might change, but a lot of the $ in ADA is complete speculation at this point which is a bit scary!

Romana Grubesic 8 months ago

Agree, lot of talking but nothing much moves ...

Ilin Kazandzhiev 4 months ago

ADA is really out of the picture, totally agree.

Elena Demou 8 months ago

This is awesome, I have most of those so I can't be that bad, lol. ATOM sounds interesting... I am going to look into that, thanks for the tip! 

Ilin Kazandzhiev 4 months ago

ATOM still performing well

Romana Grubesic 8 months ago

This is great Ilin! I like your idea very much :) 

Luke Brenland 8 months ago

What a write up ilIn! Great list too!

Paul Dike 8 months ago

Very comprehensive update Ilin.. Thank you..


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