TokenSets – A Deeper Looking Under the Hood


I continue my exploration of this DAPP, that we call TokenSets where you have the possibility to invest without investing yourself. It is something convenient or at least that you can explore if you are curious about it.

Let, to be honest, it is not for everyone reading charts or spend hours in front of the computer. Even myself I don't have this luxury because I take care of my crypto kid full time during the week.

I love discovering a potential project or place where I can invest and profit from the knowledge of others.


I used this method to log into this DAPP because it is already installed on my browser; It is easy to see the full picture. You have other options, but I believe it is easy and straightforward to interact with this one.

You can send any tokens that Ethereum support by default on MetaMask. What you need to keep in mind is an Ethereum wallet directly on your browser.

The advantage is you can interact with any DAPP from the comfort from the browser. Don't need a complicated password for each website, only the one to secure access to MetaMask.

Crypto supported to invest

As you can see on the picture, TokenSets support 4 crypto out of the box:

  • Ethereum-The second most popular on the market.

  • DAI-A stablecoin pegged to the US dollar.

  • WBTC-Smart contract pegged toward Bitcoin.

  • USDC-Another stablecoin pegged to the US dollar.

You can buy and sell with any program from those cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum fees

Nothing is perfect, and a public blockchain is not free, as you can see in the picture. You need to pay a fee toward the miners for your transaction to be validated!

I transferred 5 DAI as a test purpose; The aim was to play a little with the interface. Then I discovered that you can make a transaction with 3 digits after the dot.

I will not make a useless investment with only 5 DAI and play $2.62 in fee for a transaction. In that case, we can deduce is better to invest with a bigger sum of money and avoid to make too many small transactions.

What are available on TokenSets?

An interesting part of using that platform is to invest in traders and robot traders. You need to dig and search for the best ones that will generate the most profits.

I know is a lot of data to consume and read, but is part of the game to generate money.

You have 3 categories where you can decide where to look at. It is seamless and easy to find it on the interface.

Those sections in question are:

  • Social trading sets: The sets from the traders.

  • Robot sets: The robot's trader will make money for you.

  • Traders: All the sets managed by each trader.

Last word

You have the possibility to invest without doing it yourself or analyze complicated charts. The robots and traders will do it for you, but keep in mind that you need to pick up the best sets available.

The profit will come when you choose the best ones on the platform. Another important factor is investing a sum of money that is worth it with the fee for each transaction.

You can explore it yourself on this website link.–For the love of crypto and coffee

PS: I am not a financial adviser, and this is only my opinion. Always do your own research before embracing investment in the crypto space.



preview not available Osato Jegede
14 Feb

Nice update I sure will follow Tokenset and see how I can explore it. 



Chesatochi .
16 Feb

You can interact easily with MetaMask!



James Umoru
14 Feb

You posted this under airdrop, u did not place priority on the airdrop.... 



Chesatochi .
16 Feb

I posted this on my own community...



GM Mahar
14 Feb

Thanks for this post about token set,which teachs us a some knowledge.



EngrSamest .
14 Feb

Artificial intelligence is growing in Crypto space and this your review brought in a limelight into this project and will definitely help many to check out this project



Abdul Maalik
14 Feb

investing is risk be carefull.



Chesatochi .
16 Feb

Yes but is a fun game!



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