Today's sports picks - 11/22/2020

Hello guys,

My last pick was a bust due to some incredible bad luck. Aston Villa was denied a penalty in the last couple of minutes of the game, while Schalke had 6 shots on target and two goalpost hits. 

You can check out my last pick in the link further down.

My record by month:

JUNE:  2 picks - 2 wins (profits: 282.8units)

JULY:  9 picks - 5 wins  (profits: 406.2units)

AUGUST: 2 picks - 1 win (profits: 18 units)

SEPTEMBER: 5 picks - 2 wins (profits: 143units)

OCTOBER: 4 picks - 1 win (profits: -87units)

November: 1 pick - 0 wins (profits: -100units)

Current record stands at 23 picks - 11 wins.  (total profits: 763units).  

For today my picks are from Premier League (I use the odds from Unibet):

Fulham - Everton                         Everton or draw         odds:1.26  

Sheffield United - West Ham       West Ham scores       odds:1.24

Leeds United - Arsenal                over 1.5 goals            odds:1.20

Liverpool - Leicester City            Leicester scores         odds:1.29


For a 100units bet, the return would be 242units -> profit would be 142units ('unit' is the currency of your choice)

Good luck, and don't forget to like this post and follow me for my future picks!

This is a link to my last pick:

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DISCLAIMER: These are my picks, that I play, and decided to share with you for FREE. This it is not to be seen as a legal advice. IT IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY TO DECIDE WHAT YOU SHOULD PLAY! NEVER GAMBLE FUNDS YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO LOSE!







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