Today’s date is a rare palindrome 12022021 - plus the astronomical signs of the times

It’s almost over, but today’s date can be written forwards or backwards, called a palindrome. Not much to write home about you might say, but show me another date where you can do the same. This is certainly it for this year. Could you do the same last year? 

21022012 looks like the last time you could find this. So it’s not that rare but certainly an anomaly and I like anomalies. Perhaps it’s the brain’s appreciation of pattern, and certainly the appreciation for harmony, which you find in these numbers. I’m sure there are others that crop up randomly. And today is one so I will make a record of it here. This is a rare moment.

Life is about capturing the moment. It can be fleeting or clearer in hindsight and often missed. But it is always there, and on rare occasions we can glimpse it. If we take the time and effort to still the mind regularly for periods, then we can cultivate it. That’s what meditation is all about.

Some might call it the holy moment. Astrologers of ancient times and even today, like to plan the moment, the right alignment for an auspicious event. For example right now, this month, we have a mass of six planets all closely aligned in one particular sign in the zodiac, that of Aquarius in the western tropical system. Or Capricorn in the Vedic system of Jyotish. It’s certainly quite a cluster, not all conjunct as such, but within close enough range to be able to pool resources and give quite a boost. 

Curiously this cluster of planets are all aligned around my Sun planet in my natal chart. I’m getting a close call – something like a boost over my birthday period. Not only that but the whole year is potentially a peak moment for me, or anyone with a birthday around now. 

I like to believe that miracles and magic are possible this year. I believe in miracles. This year is a moment to shine, all crypto enthusiasts will feel it of course, in that regard. And there is more. Right around now, alternative thinking is the flavor of the month, outside the box and inside the blockchain. That is where the future is headed. 

Add to that the rise of online social living, collaboration via the internet, remote meetings and education. Work from home. All of this is likely to explode still further, and particularly the digital cryptocurrency related industry. Mainstream corporations, banks and governments are all jumping on board the blockchain revolution led by bitcoin right now. 

These are momentous and historic times, times where it may be possible to be epic and momentous as well as silent and in the moment – simultaneously. It’s inconceivable but the frequencies are raising. Even the earth’s Schumann Resonance is spiking in unprecedented and historic ways. I believe that some people will be affected by this, possibly for the better, as the opportunity arises to raise consciousness at this momentous moment. 

Let’s see where it takes us. We are not really the controller, only the imaginer and the desirer. We are also being swept along in the flow and the tides of the solar winds and galactic frequencies, so let’s ride it out and see if we can tap in to the magic and the mystery that lies dormant within our unused DNA as it’s triggered into activation with the right time and circumstance arising now. 

All aboard for our lift off to the moon.



XxX offiong
12 Feb

As somebody in love with figures I guess reading into this for interpretation ain't no suprise


Julescape Crypto
13 Feb

Yes indeed, these figures are like the artisitc display of what would otherwise be abstract math. I do however like pattern recognition, along with charts and graphs, and the cycles of time.


preview not available Bill White
12 Feb

Very strange indeed, saw this on Twitter in the morning.


Julescape Crypto
13 Feb

Yes, we will actually see another one like it next year, so it's not too unusual.


preview not available Busola Monsucre
14 Feb

Love to capture rare moments like this as well, they are so unique and mostly brings luck. Indeed it's going to be a beautiful and it's been looking like that already.







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