To this world is very funny,

 Does anyone know why this world is funny, let me explain to everyone!

 Because in this world who you want to be.

 When you think you are a princess, you will find ways to turn yourself into a princess on your own.  Like my little sister in the rain, pulling each other on the bed to play with, ready to watch her favorite cartoon, she put on her shoulder a soft blanket and then loudly shouted to the people that she  the most beautiful in the world and only a prince deserves it.  Growing up, although I am not far from being a princess, she is still gentle and innocent, with a princess-like manner.  That is why I say that whoever passion is, life will follow and imitate easily.

 When you think you are a thief, even if there is no stealing from anyone in the world, the sin in your mind is still enormous.  That is the story of my friend's child after he broke up with his ex, he was tormented for taking away the youth of his lover.  It still hurts that I am guilty but do not know, whether it only takes away the lover's boyfriend and turns it over: it has been taken of time like no different.  Simple, love comes from two sides, so more than lose anything, it is only half fair.  That's all, but it insisted on being a thief.  Yeah, that's it.  If being a thief is what it wants.

 When you feel sad, you want to be a pitiful person.  You just need to cry for someone to see, then cry even louder if someone comes running and patting your shoulder to comfort you.  It is the children's art that had just been beaten by their mother, but the grandmother ran to the compartment.  Is there anyone who is so pitiful with the fragility, the baby's butt can withstand the red blotch, and before that, the mother still said the most love in the world.  To mention the most pitiful in the world is the one who has just been pampered and is immediately betrayed.  That, everyone used to be babies and adults are actually no different.  So sometimes, when I get older, it is easy to want to be a pitiful person, cry and practice even though no one spits you.

 When you do something in a sequence of actions in succession, but cause and effect are mixed and mixed, it is time to play the victim confidently because the wrong is indescribable.  It happens in everyday life, a lot.  Every time I made a mistake, I immediately thought of how to become a victim.  It's someone else's fault, not yours.  But do you feel that you're cowardly at times like that?  Your feelings for yourself are always the best, even if you are the victim, the truth is that you are still a pitiful person who is apologizing to yourself and wishing you could forgive yourself.  You want to be a victim, you are the victim, worse, the victim.

 That is to say, if you want to be a wicked person, you can also be a powerful person, knowledge people are also right, handsome and beautiful.  You just need to have a good visualization and focus on who you want to be.

 By the way, If it was so easy, then why didn't I become the role model I wanted.  Just think you are good.  You are proud that you are beautiful.  Just live a good life and pamper the kind.  Because, where no other head grows out of your head at all.

 So let's go.

 * Contraindicated in the event of ANOTHER RECOMMENDATION NEEDED.




Alagbe Adeniyi
23 Oct

Live your life to the fullest regardless of things around you.. this world might be quite funny atimes but you need to keep up to it's standards positively and legally 


Saleem Khan
23 Oct

It's so important to realize that every time you get upset, it drains your emotional energy







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