On the 31st of May, Uptrennd will stop its services and merge into Trodl.com. More information can be found here: https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/the-evolution-of-uptrennd-trodl~ODkxMzMw
To Everyone - Let’s Keep in Touch - Uptrennd

To Everyone - Let’s Keep in Touch - Uptrennd

Hi there. This is EWC just reaching out to you here on Uptrennd.

This is for the attention to you regarding what is going to happen with Uptrennd

That you may have a concern about your content?

Yes so we just found out that the platform of Uptrennd will be closing near the end of the month.

Of course, since you are a content creator, this is a major concern for you.

Now of course this is not the time to run away and cry.

You now must take this moment to network with as many members as possible on here.

Take the time to share all your other social media platforms and contacts.

Perhaps get other members to sign up to other platforms and connect with them there.

This is key to success and of course you can continue with your content.

I always really enjoyed checking out all your content you have always made here on Uptrennd.

Also keep in mind the Exciting 5 will continue to exist and I will move it to other social media platforms.

Therefore I really want to make sure that you and I stay in a network.

I am going to leave my social media links below of where you can find me.

Here is my website and main email

Check out our website here www.excitingwc.com

and go to this page too http://excitingwc.com/contact-inquiry

You can contact and send your content directly to this email address.

[email protected]

Here are some of my main social media you can find me at. This is important to network with everyone.


Twitter: @ExcitingWorld32

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldT

Hive:   worldtraveller32

Flote: excitingworld32

LBRY: exciting-world-cryptos

Feel free to DM me or contact me anywhere and send me your social media links. I will connect with you. Our views of each others content can continue and we can find future success.

Thank everyone in Uptrennd here. You all been amazing . Stay strong and see you all soon.

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Adetola Muheez
04 May

We'll surely meet someday again ahead.

Looking forward to a new plartform 


Alagbe Adeniyi
04 May

Yes oo..

This would really help so that we won't lose contact of one another 


JR of Exciting World Cryptos
05 May

for sure i think we are all moving to Trodl on auto


Haseeb Ullah
04 May

Nice  written for all uptrend friends so nice .we are touch with uptrend inshallah


Anazodo JB
04 May

I feel like to creat a telegram group for all  uptrenndians,I will miss many people here.


JR of Exciting World Cryptos
05 May

for sure let me know when done







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