To be upset

To be upset

For no apparent reason, sadness is the hallmark of Paris, and New York is the hallmark of extreme anxiety

Here are some solutions to this growing anxiety: The four different types of anxiety are found in modern people and each anxiety has its own identity.

That is, there are destructive anxieties, chronic anxieties, anxieties of external influences, and existential anxieties

Catastrophic anxiety

We can call a sudden disturbance a catastrophic disturbance, such as someone saying that the plane will crash or that you are sitting on a bus and there is a noise. I am about to explode.

The solution to this kind of fear is thus derived from the game of cards. A professional card player knows the number of addresses and all its possibilities to deceive others in the game of cards.

The benefit of this trick is that instead of thinking about the negative effects of these things, start thinking about the positive effects. Turning your fears into desires will show you how far they are from reality. Is

 Chronic anxiety

The worst problem is a chronic problem because when this problem is over, the second problem comes, that is, the children who can't pay the rent, pay the school fees, or get fired.

There is a long list of these problems that can never be cured.

But this disease can also be an aspect of human nature and human desires. The lion is also a beast full of anxiety. When you look into his eyes, you will see anxiety instead of greatness. How close I am to the zebra if he Sees what happens, I must attack it

Anxiety about external influences

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated by the news and are similar to other catastrophic disasters, but not by accident.

Rather, it is about public concerns. Most of the news is frightening, and such trouble is caused by living in the shadow of the news.

To solve this problem, you need to avoid hearing such news

Existence anxiety

It is a bitter truth that we must meet death one day and the anxiety of existence is anxiety from which we can never escape. But his life is over, and so are the lives of his parents and friends

For our own good, we should try to eliminate the other three kinds of worries. The rest of the time we should think about the virtues of life and not about the things that are not in our hands. And we have no solution for them.

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Nevies Official
01 Sep

Wow, anxiety can be very dangerous and devastating. Nice to learn about all these. We should stop worrying in life.



Muhammad Ahmed
01 Sep

Worrying is not a way to make yourself better..

Indeed, we have to look forward for future victims..



Mohammad Wasi
01 Sep

Yeah we need always keep himself ready for all challenge while in life we always facing these kinds of things so don't worry about trouble but yes think to solution and enjoy the happy moments.



Lahoriiii Lovers
01 Sep

Anxiety amd depression is dangerous for any one. I think we should control them by laughing and by sharing our problems 



Shahzad ali
01 Sep

You are right.. thanks for sharing this informative post..we should fought against anxiety and keep everytime calm



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