Tips On How I Make My Pen Drawings (Step by Step Processes)

Here are a few tips on how I often create my drawings with a pen using freehand. I will be using this simple sketch of a man with dreadlocks to explain it.

Step 1

I usually start my drawing by making faint strokes. With this, I can make adjustment if any mistake is being found - like, wrong proportions.

If you look closely, you can see those tiny horizontal lines. Two lines represent thd postion of his glasses, one for the nose, two others for the mouth lines and so on. I usually don't take shots of this one but for the sake of this tutorial today, I decided to snap and share with you.

Step 2

Then I went back to make it thicker after I reviewed it and was satisfied that the proportions are okay.

Now the previous tiny lines are replaced by thicker and are no longer noticed. At this point, one can decipher what the person is doing.

Step 3

Next up is to start building my forms. This time I used cross hatching. Cross hatching technique has to do with crossing over lines repeatedly in order to build forms, textures and values. Here, I made my lines to be thick.

However, for his hairs, I used scribbles. Those squiggles come in form of repeated circles working sometimes harmoniously. I try not to lift my hand (holding the ink) from the paper as I squiggled along to cover those places my sketches felled on.

Step 4

I proceeded with the cross hatching to cover other areas. Where there are high shadows/shades, I shaded more on those areas and where there are lighter shades, I reduced my grip on the pen and paper.

These are simple steps you can follow to make a sketch with a pen. You can give it a try during your leisure time. If you would not be conversant with ink, you can try using pencil so you could clean when you make a mistake.

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Thank you.



preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
04 Mar

I always admire your work and it makes me happy to see your step by step, because although I don't know how to draw, I like to draw and so I can try to draw something.
Needless to say, his work is wonderful as always.


Maxwell Marcus Art
04 Mar

Thank you. You can still give it a try. It is not always easy but it is possible.


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
04 Mar

I see how much attention you give to every detail. Little wonder why your drawing always comes out perfect 


Suman Naz
04 Mar

Wonderful artwork.

Boy hair looks so cute in this artwork.The more you are praised for your artwork the less.Sir, how much time do you complete artwork.

good job.


Maxwell Marcus Art
04 Mar

Thank you friend. There is no specific time. It all depends on how beautiful you want the work to look and the size of the paper. These ones take average of 3 hrs to complete. 


Aleza Noor Noor
04 Mar

Boy hair appears so cute in this paintings.The extra you're praised for your paintings the less.Sir, how plenty time do you whole paintings.


Maxwell Marcus Art
04 Mar

Same question the other asked. Did you copy and paste his comment?


Syed Inayat shah
04 Mar

Wonderful piece of art. You have wonderful skills too. I like your talent and artistry


Maxwell Marcus Art
04 Mar

Thank you friend. 







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