TIPS ABOUT LIFE~Here's how to get the ladies

  You might be wondering why I made a topic that way. Well, it's the truth and I'm sure a lot of ladies reading this will be wowed at what they see and how they unlock some things they didn't even know about themselves. But for the guys here, do well to take your own and papers, cause you'll have to be ready to get wowed all through.

 Where do I start from 🤔. Oh yeah, The trick to making them like you/fall for you...


 To make this post very short, I'd only talk about this but you'll really gain a lot from it. Love languages are into five types. Where ladies fall mainly into 2 of them. 

   - Word of Affirmation; 🥳 Can I hear the ladies happy! Word of affirmation as it implies means giving sweet words to ladies. Words that makes them happy for their existence, for their presence around you, for the hard work they would have done. (Even if it wasn't for you 😂)


   - Physical Touch; Hear how it sounds, this is the second most common among the ladies, enjoying the touch and feeling if those close to them. But then, don't go about touching every lady you find 😂, you have to use skills and make it romantic you know. 


    - Receiving Gifts; Again, can I hear the ladies scream. Who doesn't like gifts. Correction' Which lady doesn't like Gifts. Some treat them with so much importance and when you do something like this for them they fall totally in love with you. And not just that you'll get a simple gift here. But one that makes them think twice of how you'd have gotten it.


    - Quality Time; Here is where the most important one for ladies come. It's hard to find a lady that doesn't want to spend time with who they like and that's why when you first meet a lady, she tries to prove she's busy so you wouldn't get to her by giving her time. And making sure she has fun with you. 🥳. Cheers to these kinds of ladies.


    And finally,

     - Act of Service; There are ladies that dig men that knows how to work. Some fall more for those that have what it takes to cook. And they just saying I'll go to the kitchen and cook something up for you gets them dripping. 🤤. 



  So my fellow guys, keep to these rules and have them in mind the next time you're going in search and planning to shoot your shot. Show them you're on not to mess with and find which of these will get them to giggle when you do them. 

 This is a contest held by the  Uptrennd Superstars and you can participate too with the knowledge you have about life. Click HERE to participate.


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Ibinabo Bamson
07 Nov

There are some ladies that all of the above love language doesn't work on... so I think the first step should always be to understand the lady to know her love language 


Aniss Emma
07 Nov

Hmm 🤔. It's the truth. It's only a few of these that work and that's why I segregated it. Just watch and see which if them the lady likes and then use that to your advantage in winning her. You'll surely be happy cause it will keep on working provided it's her love language.


Ademigoke Emmanuel
07 Nov

Thanks for sharing this. Every man need to see this 


Aniss Emma
07 Nov

Hmm 🤔. Every man has to see this? Did you also read it. There's no possible way I could have known that cause all you said here is just relating to the topic I made. 

You really should make sure to keep to Quality. It's what makes the platform and we have to do well to keep that. 

I really don't know if you've read this now. Make sure to comment better just in case if next time and the writer will be sure you read through. And if you can't read it it's better to not comment than to leave what's disheartening.


Aftab Khan
07 Nov

Waooo amazing and vonderful tips about happy life we should always trust our partner and give us more happiness and make a beautiful life 

Your entry is very best content and this is very vonderful post I wish you best of the luck dear and win the best content award 


Syeda Ayesha
07 Nov

This is amazing write up, 

In love first the understanding matter and I think every lady want it 

All the best dear for this contest 


Aniss Emma
07 Nov

Hehe. In happy to see you've enjoyed reading through. And getting a go ahead from a fellow female makes me confident that this is all true. Just keep up the good work and I'll be happy to see someone using these methods to make you feel good. 😅


Nosheen Saleem
07 Nov

Very well explained your content is really quality base best of wishes for contest 


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