​Tipestry is a website by TipsCoin through which Dogecoins are given as tip. To start off you must register with Tipestry by following this link  and then register yourself as a new user if you aren’t already a user. Once you are logged in, you can check the interface of the website as a home page will appear in front of you. You will notice that there will be several posts made by different users using different keywords, hashtags, images, and text. Against the posts made by the users, you will notice a small icon of coins that will tell you that how much dogecoins are earned by that particular user through his post. Different amounts of dogecoins can be earned through different posts.

​This is the link of my referal link 


Moreover, Tipestry also gives you an option of following other users so that your profile is strong and you can engage with different people through that platform. The more you engage with users, the better earnings you can make via this. Tipestry is real and 100% paying site 

To upload a post, you will see an option to add a new post on the top right from where you can upload an image, write its URL, title, and description along with the tags (as they are mandatory) and publish the post successfully. Once you start posting on Tipestry, you will be able to start earning dogecoins.

The more likes or upvotes you get on each post, the more dogecoin tokens you will earn. The doges are distributed every week based on how many likes you received. There is 1 pool for likes and 1 pool for comments. Every user including admins can also tip you if they like your post or make a comment on your post.

Another way of earning maximum dogecoins is that you can enter in different interesting events and contests such as Post of the Week or Post of the Day and create your post for that contest and share it on different sites so people can know about Tipestry and your post and help you get maximum upvotes hence token achieved.

Use your referral code given in your profile and ask others to sign up using your referral code and get 50% bonus on every dogecoin they earn.

You must make sure that you follow all the guidelines and read their latest announcements regarding the posts or any upcoming contest. The user must ensure that they do not use someone else’s content including images or text to publish their posts. Spamming the same post with comments will flood the website and reduce the quality of your posts. Therefore, you must refrain from spamming posts on your profile and also mustn’t make the same comments on other peoples’ posts.

The more you engage with people the better the earnings of tokens. You will find the option of wallet in your profile from where you can withdraw the dogecoins. Payments are done with a minimum withdrawal of 200 dogecoins

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preview not available Busola Monsucre
23 Feb

Not sure anything can take me out of Uptrennd lol, I am addicted, even when i make accounts on these platforms I end not remembering them. Uptrennd is home and where the heart is. Nice review


Zainab Rind
23 Feb

Thanks for your important views 


Zainab Khan
23 Feb

Great I have joined this 


Zainab Rind
23 Feb

Awesome earning site 


Sean Supplee

I did join tipestry recently I'm not sure if anything much will come of it though. Thoughts?







this is dogecoin and not dogecash, i was tired of all the dogecoin post in dogecash because people can't read...


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