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Tiger Trennd Tips #1: I joined! Now what?

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Liliana Correa 2 months ago

both know how to do it well congratulations is a help for everyone. Thank you

Tiger Lily 2 months ago

The helpers must help!! :)

Fami How 2 months ago

Yea it is a great help

Fami How 2 months ago

Yes its a real help

UxaaMaa KHan 2 months ago

Yes @Zizy is one of the hardworking girl of Uptrennd.  I really always enjoyed her post. More power to her and you both

Tiger Lily 2 months ago

she is the most hardworking! :)  

thank you for visiting her - and me  :)

Fami How 2 months ago

She is a living legend

Mehri Iqbal 2 months ago

YesI . Her post are really helpful and she her comments too.

Welcome Newbie. Hope you like it and enjoy

Tiger Lily 2 months ago

i'm liking i a lot so far!  :)  thank you!

Fami How 2 months ago

No doubt she is conversational and helpful

Yaseen Khan 2 months ago

Zizy and you also write a good post

Tiger Lily 2 months ago

Thank you so much Yaseen :)

Fami How 2 months ago

Yes is a legend of Uptrennd

Bluefin Studios 2 months ago

Newbie Here:

The more the merrier! I LOVE getting tips and help!
There's certainly room for both your tips and @zizamena

Tiger Lily 2 months ago

Zizy is amazing!

hi newbie blue :)

i'm glad that you love getting tips - cuz you're gonna get lots from me! hehehehe







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