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It's true, you have to get on board with whatever he says. I tottaly agree with the Eltz Castle addition to his bucket list, it's medieval plus you know it's been in the same family , owned and occupied for 850 years, that's 33 generations of dirt, love, envy, hate, charisma, connection and much more, all in one to never be sold. If they ever sell the Eltz Castle, we will buy it for him. It's like the best safehouse, screamed Speedy McQueen


This was the noise phoenix woke up to the next day as the rays of the sunlight shines through the frosty windows to his face. The memory of the time spend with Sophie since they got from the hospital replayed in his head, he was glad he didn't have intoxication induced dimentia. Like every other day of waking since he met Henry.


Morning ladies? Don't talk just look so much better without anything on, he greeted them as he observed how the sun rays shone on their silky smooth skins.


They giggled as if to say thank you.


We need to get to the hospital he said

The earlier the better, it's been almost a whole day we didn't see Henry, he said


No need for that, he got out already said Sophie.


Really? That's a relief, So where is he now? He didn't book another room just to be by himself did he? He asked them


You'll be surprised at half the things Henry does said Mary


He is on the top floor, booked the whole suit, it's one whole floor much better than the presidential suite..... Mary said to him.


Just how rich is this guy, he keeps on spending but he never flinched. Phoenix wondered


Well why are y'all still here, by what you said I can't help but think that it is rather odd that y'all aren't boombanding him with your attention and all. He said to them


Speedy McQueen: you see my love, man like Henry are only fun when they want to be, otherwise they are insane in character, if he decides to work on something he would organise and reorganize his whole life around that and that only, with all its bits you see.... She said as she crawled towards him.... 



In attempt to escape her advances Phoenix stood up slowly, " So how do y'all know so much about Henry when I met him first"? 


That's what you think my dear, said Mary, this whole thing is a simulation, a big game and we are all players. He was the bait send out to get you out of the enclosure. Me and Speedy McQueen served as the distraction to keep your serotonin pumping and the catalyst is none other than herself, Mary said while pointing at Sophie.


Oh I see, now it all makes sense, in retrospect but how do I fully evolve to grasp my role as a player? He asked 


You don't have to try too hard on anything, you are phoenix after all. That's like the most uncommon NFT to ever exist and for that reason you can imagine how many hands are out there reaching out. Speedy McQueen whispered into his ear almost licking it.


Surprised at how fast Speedy McQueen advanced on him, " so what you are saying is that I am a collectible and I've been one all my life? How and it's driving me crazy right now. The night angel, the league of assassins, the everything is actually real? 


Yup yup, I played dump last night on your pathetic attempts to solicit me of ten grand....Sophie said


EY you still got to top me up on that, you made the bet yourself uninfluenced. I would discount any influenced deals and bets but you where fully present in your all... Said Phoenix


"Catch" Sophie threw him a Hermes leather bag 


And this is what, this isn't worth the rest, oh ok, this is the money Henry said he payed me isn't it? He asked


Yeah yeah they all said.


Look you need to get the money hold out of your head alright.... Mary said


You see money is the one thing that keeps growing stronger by the day in keep players stuck on levels that we pathetically easy to overcome. It's a no brained really but because of how the world has evolved to be so depended on these paperworks, we began losing our true value, the value of life and trust in each other. Mary said as she threw a few hundred bills in the air....



It burns you know, Sophie said, but the core of the players never burns, until the player sells himself the illusion that burns him even then it's a caccoon that the player builds around himself to accommodate his absurd creations from the bigger picture and a lot of these is a result from the attachment to money, the paper thought of it.


I'm not going to give up my money, not now that I got it. Even if you steal it I got insurance on, Phoenix said


Mary laughed hard " there is so much you need to learn my love, didn't your Elena Katie teach you a thing or two"?


You told them????? He raised his voice at Sophie...


We share everything, well almost everything. Look we need to go alright. You got your passport right? She responded.


Yeah I always have it on me, due to.....

Did I hear you right,we need to go, you asked if I got my passport.... Are we... You want us to...? He tried to comprehend what she was saying to him.


The plan is done, your bucket list has been extended by Speedy McQueen herself so we will book us some tickets and go tick it all off. Sophie said


Y'all mad, he laughed while slapping himself in the face hoping to wake up from the dream he was in.


So what about Henry, he asked.


He hired private nurses and a doctor to be with him, he is all grumped up and moody right now. He wrote you a message, Sophie said while handing him a note...


He puts it away without reading it. So let's just say for a minute that you mean to say I don't have to worry about nothing although we all met about a week ago? 


A week is like half a year in utopia, time is relative and you will learn to bend it. You need to know one thing she said


What? He asked 


"Money won't erase or replace the pain"


He wondered what she meant, but it was in that moment that he realised there is much more to life than he had imagined. He still let the thought of the Night Angel drift across his mind. The Lighter Bringer drifted by and he caught it but as soon as he grasped it, it faded away.


He snapped out of it and concentrated, he realised he had auto-piloted through a lot, they where now ready to board. He looked at his gate pass, it all looked in order he looked at either sides of him and saw the ladies had been sandwiching him with their beautiful selves. Adorned in so much beauty, they smiled at him. Speedy McQueen stood up and sat on his lap while hugging him and ignoring the obvious starring eyes around them. 


He didn't feel the need to ask about anything at all, he felt like he knew all that he needed to know at that moment as if he was in perfect sync with what they knew. Sophie on his lift leaning on his left shoulder reading some post off of her ipad , Speedy McQueen seated on his lap hugging him, whispering melodies into his ears and Mary leaned into his right shoulder reading and scrolling through her latest iPhone. He though the class level is absurd. Everything the opposite of what he had been a week ago, but it felt like home. 


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