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Three of my popular gifts

I find it easier to give away my plants as gifts on special occasions, especially housewarmings, birthdays or anniversaries. I have always got great feedback from people. A couple of my friends have now got hooked on to plants and have become enthusiastic plant collectors. 

This paddle plant below is an all time favorite. My son did not have time to buy gifts for his friend who bought a new home. I sent three of my plants and his mom was so enthralled by them. The young man was also so fascinated that he thanked me profusely a few times over.

preview not available

This echeveria peach pride below has a number of admirers. As you can see i have huge numbers of them in my garden. They are handy and very welcome gifts.

preview not available

This echeveria elegans below is only for special people. Its a slow growing plant, expensive and needs a bit more care than the others. 

preview not available

These are expensive plants and worth giving as gifts. They look stunning when potted in cute planters and packaged well. Besides, they are very forgiving plants, they can go without water for weeks, they could also go without much care for months and still remain beautiful. 

There are other favorites too,but these three are always much appreciated.

Flowers fade away, but succulents keep on giving, even when neglected.

I keep getting a few orders now and then from people who have got them as gifts. 

Would you like to get these as gifts? I know I may not be able to send it across the oceans but I am giving you a virtual gift today. Have a lovely day.

Please do not spam, I down vote spam. 



Amjad Ali Waince
20 Apr

Thank you so much for your generosity. Really it is best thing to gifted. Yes we are far away physically but virtually I got it . Most prestigious and beautiful gift ever from across the ocean.


Sofs Su
20 Apr

Sweet of you to take this offer. Soemtimes I really wish I could send some people a gift of  greenery.


Ishmael Kelechi
20 Apr

Did you say gift? Of course I will gladly like have any of these beautiful flowers as gift, only that Nigeria is far away.

Thank you for being a caregiver for these species of plants that are already gone into extinction. 

The government needs to support this giant stride you have been taking to keep nature safe from invaders and destroyers. 


Sofs Su
20 Apr

Yip gift, hmm.. wish Nigeria was closer, I have a few others on my list from Nigeria to whom I would love to send these as gifts. 

I love them and its a joy to be with them each day, just watching them makes me happy.


Magdalene Dan
20 Apr

This gift really look amazing.

This plants beautify our surroundings alot. They're very charming and colourful. 

I would've place an other but the distance is too much coz they look attractive😀.


Sofs Su
20 Apr

They do look stunning. I wish I could send you some.


Abdul Qadir
20 Apr

no doubt it's best gift when u give your precious plants u really love gardening we can learn a lot from u 

this echeveria peach is really beautiful I am more a zoology student than botany and at last value of gift us measure by how much u love and care that thing and indeed it's priceless 


Sofs Su
20 Apr

The echeveria peach is my favorite too. When it reaches full maturity the colors turns from green to peach with soft pink edges.


Noor Badshah
20 Apr

I just saw echeveria peach, it's easy to grow.

Paddle plant looks really beautiful.its good to give your favourite plants as a gift.


Sofs Su
20 Apr

Yes, they are all easy to grow, but the Echeveria elegans is very slow growing compared to the others. 

The beauty of succulents is unlike other plants these can go without water for days.


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