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13 Nov
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Thoughts from AIBC Summit RE: Security Tokens

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Timo Thee 6 months ago

I have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of security tokens in the cryptosphere! 

I’ve always thought it was the natural progression of digital assets. 

There are far too many utility tokens out there that have no logical reason for existing, and certainly no reason for appreciating in value. The ability of acquire equity in a project, though, is a game changer. 

Can you direct us to any more details for now? Or should we await your next post? 

Jeff Kirdeikis 6 months ago

More detail in regards to?

The project I'm talking about is

Stephen Anawo 6 months ago

I was having challenge watching the video.... The link.... Well appreciated 

Timo Thee 6 months ago

Yeah. Sorry. I should have clarified. But you answered perfectly. Thanks! 

ijatz La Hojita  6 months ago

Heellooo @Jeff and @Tim, nice to Uptrennd you! :-) 

"Preflogic" seems to combine some big advantages to root security tokens in a blockchain (an apparently clean and handy interface, the use of Metamask, i.e. also the Ethereum ecosystem support, etc.). 

The point I'm not sure about is that in their showcase video the example reaches out to potential investors who are almost all personally known individuals (relatives, friends, our YouTube channel community members,...) and imposes them a series of administrative and "KYC" procedures, exactly as if I, who need the fund to invest, were a bank... Could we not set up or adapt, for that kind of tokenization, a less inquisitive mechanism? If I'm not wrong, a project like "Aragon" provides us with tools which are more oriented towards grassroots communities.

Or would we build an interface... directly from Uptrennd? :-)

Jeff Kirdeikis  6 months ago

Hi Ijatz :)

Since security tokens follow strict regulations, there is not a possibility for skipping KYC, as certain offering types do not allow certain people to take part.

Example: RegD is only for US accredited investors

Osato Jegede 6 months ago

Security tokens allows one to own a piece of pie of the company they intend to invest in unlike the utility tokens. The range of investment varies depending on the one that interest you. I think the narratives has changed from utility to security tokens. Under utility tokens, you're not a stake holder, but with security tokens you're in need a stake holder. The whole essence is to enlightened you to take advantage today and become an early adopters because you are well informed. Before we start to record mass adoption. 

Teodor Muntean 3 months ago

And stake holding could be few different ways, for example shares in the company in case of equity, interest in case of debt, etc. 

MrBullishSail Crypto Trader 6 months ago

Great video, Jeff:), the security tokens are the logical evolution of the altcoins market, the utility tokens are a reward system for the activity of users within the ecosystem of a project, but their value is very volatile by the constant buying and selling of these masses, the security tokens allow a participation added to the success of the project with the security that over time the value maintains a growth curve, this is great for everyone, because in addition to receiving rewards for stacking process now adds the opportunity to have investments in that growth in value of the total ecosystem.

Omer Farooq Farooq 6 months ago

Dear sir Jeff right now Uptrennd need financial support which easily can solve preflogic so the investors can easily participate in Uptrennd final activities. Security tokens in terms good option which directly investors give path to the capital easily and discounted.

Fajar Haseeb 6 months ago

Agree with you Muhammad omar faroq

Arik Schenkler 6 months ago

Security tokens pose a lot of questions that will be needed to being answered before it can take off. Mostly the regulatory questions and the governance on such shares.

What I am missing on the Preflogic platform is the exchange.

They offer a tool to deploy security tokens, the know your customers systems and such. They do not give the much needed exchange were those shares (tokens) will be traded.

Jeff, there are 24 hours a day. You need the time for sleep, family, friends, Uptrennd, fun and, of course, the cat…. Where comes preflogic in all of this?!

Jeff Kirdeikis 6 months ago

Check out their whitepaper, an exchange is in the pipeline :)

Delegation helps me maximize those 24 hours :) 

Teodor Muntean 3 months ago

Good point. Exchange is an exchange that can offer securities to be exchanged on their platform, but an exchange is not a security token! It belongs to the ecosystem and it a very needed there, but certainly it is not a security token. Hence, we already see a lot of security tokens arriving on the scene! And this is a very good news! 

Arik Schenkler 3 months ago

If I remember correctly Preflogic has developed a platform for security tokens for un-public companies. This means that a company that has not published a prospectus can sell its' shares to 35 (or 50) people. Those people can between themselves or other knowen (and limited by number) trade those coins. So, those coins (that represent shares) are not publicly traded. This allows investors (known and approved) a better tool to trade their assets. Thus Preflogic has to build its unique exchange to allow its members the ability to trade those unique tokens. 


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