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This post is not about #crypto. It's about success.

Hi, everybody!

Life has taught me many things. Most of it through both physical and mental pain. It made me wonder why was I alive. But it also showed me what most people don't see in their whole lives.

A few of those are very simple, yet very hard to accept.

1 - Life is a game of survival and reproduction

2 - Life is irrational and it doesn't really have a meaning

3 - Life doesn't give a fuck about you

What those mean to me is to simply take the responsibility of my life in my own hands. To not blame others for my own failures. To not look for excuses. And to just adapt to every situation.

Most of you want to be successful, but you don't want to pay the price. You don't want to learn. You don't want to take responsibility. You don't want to adapt.

You just wish for something to fall from the skies and hit you in the head. Preferably, a sack full of banknotes.

And if that's what success means to you, that's perfectly fine.

But that's not how things work.

You have to fight to survive. You have to find the person with whom you can reproduce. You have to beat your old beliefs. And you have to understand that the only one that gives a fuck about you is you.

So, if you want to achieve any success in life, you should create your own success. You can't buy it anywhere. It's inside of you.

And the truth is... well... agony is the price that you pay in the end.

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Agaga Julius
18 Apr

Life is about you. Success does not come unless you are ready to learn and be of hard working. Yes..it does not comes that easy but with struggling and lots of fighting for survival. 


James Essien
18 Apr

Yes we need to struggle for survival.


preview not available Dotun Awosika
18 Apr

I have come so far in this life to realize that life is whatever you wish it to be, though most of the time fate has some serious impacts,


James Essien
18 Apr

It is the truth your life goes the way you design it


Khadija Sheikh
18 Apr

If we want to be successful in our lives, we have to work a little harder on ourselves ....
We can't succeed unless we work hard to get something and run after it.
One of the conditions for success is hard work ...


James Essien
18 Apr

Success can never come without hard work.


Jeremiah Akpabio
18 Apr

The way you make your bed so you would lie on it. Life is what you project and plan for yourself. It can be fair to some and very cruel to others. The most important thing is to plan your life well in order to succeed.


Anazodo JB
18 Apr

Life has equally taught me many lessons, but for me life is useless. We toil day and night working towards our dreams, but sometimes we see most successful men and women dying young. We have what it takes(_ability) to make out lives a successful one.


Ivan .
18 Apr

I understand what you're saying here. But successful for you is different of what is successful for me.
That's what I meant with "It's inside of you."
Seems that I couldn't deliver the messagethe way I wanted to and I will work on this for the next post.
Thank you for reading!


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