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This may help us

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Ajala Junior 1 week ago

My first step will be the self-isolation protocol

[email protected] [email protected] 1 week ago

That is good.but u can do that still by not having such opportunity

Muzamil Khan 5 days ago

Wash your hand and face per day five time and use a mask..when coughing..taking breath in a clear air..

Usama Hisham khan 1 week ago

The main reason behind the spreadness of this virus is that there is no any medicine of covid19

if i have a knowledge then i will try to make a vaccineĀ 

Abiodun Pemisire 1 week ago

If I have the opportunity to stop the virus,the first thing is to make a vaccine for the patients passing through hard time of this virus.

[email protected] [email protected] 1 week ago

But vaccine takes time to form,so what will ur immediate response or strategy

Abiodun Pemisire 1 week ago

You can only have immediate response when it's something you know about,I don't know anything about the virus, so that's why I option for vaccine.

[email protected] [email protected] 1 week ago

Thanls for ur least u aware of how to prevent from virus exposure

Abiodun Pemisire 1 week ago

Yes ma'am, hope you are too?

Muhammad Usama 1 week ago

I think immunotherapy should done ...the patients that recoverd from novel corona virus we use thier blood serum and inject to the patiets and also we done PCR of serum of recoverd persons and use whole over the world thanks for my idea Future Dr M Usama

[email protected] [email protected] 1 week ago

Ar u dr?yes this is very good answer.i appreciate u for that.i think china also worked on it

Muhammad Usama 1 week ago

I am becoming veterinary doctor from CVAS jhangĀ 

Perculiar Diamond 1 week ago

GOOD NEWS!!! Ā Wuhan's Corona virus can cure itself * by a bowl of freshly boiled garlic water. Ā The old Chinese doctor proved its effectiveness. Ā Many patients have also proven it to be effective, RECIPE: Take eight (8) chopped garlic cloves, add seven (7) cups of water and bring to a boil. Ā Eat and drink the boiled water from the garlic .Improved and cured overnight ... Please share with all your contacts can help save lives ..

[email protected] [email protected] 1 week ago

Yes but it is only effected in few ur immediate responseus to share this msg to ur ppl?







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