I didn't have a good start in life not as bad as others have but it wasn't great. 

When I was born my dad was cheating on my mum and had a gambling problem. My mum found out about him cheating and left him but she found somebody else but after they got married he started to change. He started being less nice to me and my bother. Till one day my bother wasn't feeling well and my mum was at work. Me and my bother sat down for our dinner and my bother ended up throwing up all over this food. He shouted at my bother for throwing up on his food and made him still eat it even when he was sick on it. 

The same day he took me on a drive in the car, He was driving over a wooded road and told me to get out the car. At this age I didn't know my surroundings so when I got out the car and he drove away I didn't know where to go but I started walking. Luckily it was the road my mum came back home from work, she saw me and picked me up and took me back home. Turned out he was cheating on my mum as well so she left him. 

Then just before I turned 18 years old I started dating this guy and thought he was sweet and caring but i was wrong. A year after we started dating he would call me horrible names. He laid his hands home me. strangling me, slapping me, hitting me. I was in this relationship for 5 years. i didn't know how to get out of it. But thankfully I started talking to someone who hear how he talked to me and treat me horribly. And he helped me with advice on how to get out of the relationship. But I'm left with anxiety and damaged emotionally by all this. I'm always thinking am I good enough or if I'm doing something wrong. But I'm living my life as best as I can especially with the help of my friend and family. my loved ones. 

preview not available

(this picture is of me, my mum and my stepdad)

So people please don't judge over people before you know what they have been though. 



Iqra Tariq
12 Feb

May you come out of anxiety I'll pray for you but always see others life everyone facing problems in his or her life

You are a brave girl.


Oivas Namok
12 Feb

That's a sad start to things. But if it is any consolation, then it is not what has happened to you so far that defines you, rather what you choose to be and have for yourself will shape you and your future. So, be cheerful and know that you are quite strong to have gone through all this. What more can life throw at you? There is only Love left for you. 

So cheer up! 


Mimi Marianne
12 Feb

Life can be tough some times....but thank God you managed to gather yourself and walked a way from that painful relationship...

It is not good to judge  others because we dont know what they are going through


Jeremiah Akpabio
12 Feb

I really sympathize with you on this kind of conditions you went through. I thank God you survive and have been able to take good decision for your life. Though life is full of ups and downs, always pray for God to lead you into a good relationship. 


Vincent Isibor
12 Feb

Yeah! That's very correct. It's not good to pass judgement on people when you have not listened to their own point of view.







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