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This increases the risk of coronavirus infection

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Sneezing, nasal irritation, itching in the body, nasal itching, which is common in spring allergies manifested by watering in the eyes, and watery eyes increase the risk of coronavirus infection.

Those who touch their eyes with their hands and remove the mask to wipe their noses without following the rules of hygiene are at risk of contracting the virus.

Factors such as itching in the body, nasal congestion, watery eyes and itching, hand contact with the eyes, frequent removal of the mask and thus contact with the eyes and nose. All this increases the risk of coronavirus infection.

The mask should be changed frequently during the day

when itching and watering of the nose caused by allergies, irritation: We should not go out in the morning and in windy weather , when there is a lot of irritating dust in the air. We must go out with a mask and sunglasses. We should avoid touching our noses and eyes with our hands when the allergy affects the nose and eyes with itching and watering. If possible, we should wash our hands and disinfect them and touch our nose and eyes during the day. It is useful to change quickly. It is recommended to change the mask every 3-4 hours.​Photo source​​​



Aniqa Khan
11 Apr

Thanku for sharing this informative post.you are right according to facts and figures the 3rd wave of covid-19 pandemic seems deadly dangerous. But unfortunately people not take it seriously and number of cases increasing day by day. We have to use sops and precautions . May Allah Almighty bless us a safe life.


rabail fatima
11 Apr

Yess absolutely you're right disease is spreading rapidly because of non serious attitude from publicity not following sop's too this virus is harmful from phase one we have to take care about 


Dua Fatima
11 Apr

You have said right that while changing the mask or removing it, we touch the eyes, nose etc. It increases the risk of corona infection. To avoid this, we should use hand sanitizers. This will reduce the risk to a great extent


James Essien
11 Apr

Hand sanitizer is very important.

We should carry them along with us were ever we go.


Îrfån Wîsål
11 Apr

Hello dear we are fine 

All this increases the risk of coronavirus infection.The mask should be changed frequently during the day


Hania Noor
11 Apr

Yes dear you said right..may God protect us from this deadly disease coronavirus so be it ... Stay home stay safe







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