Think it ,speak it


Silence is required in certain occasions of your life but not all, at time I just feel within me to isolate myself from the crowd  and go to a quite place  a place of solitude to think and wow if it went well I come back with ideas that can change destinies if apply and I don’t temper with the formula.


I also practice the act of meditation and affirmation when I study, because I noticed in life that the mind and the mouth is creative and once, I see it with the eyes of my mind I speak it out commanding those possibilities to happen.


If Mr. president could give an executive order and everybody ensure what he said is done I have a more superior word ,and God has given them to me to procreate and cause realities in the heaven to happen here in the earth, so I can speak to the cancer disappear and it will leave immediately ,I can speak and command darkness of all kinds to give way .


A close mouth is a close destiny, what you believe and speak happen to you exactly so meditate, study, carry out affirmation for God has given you a mouth and a wisdom that the enemy cannot gain say over you.



Chidiebere Nze
08 Feb

Research has shown that dreams that are most talked about has a higher survival rate.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
08 Feb

Very true sir I agree with you


Abid Ali
08 Feb

Exactly.Your mouth is given by Allah to can speak and you cant speak it depends up to tackle the matters.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
08 Feb

The power of life and death is in the tongue


Lummy Ayeni
08 Feb

Hmmm 🤔 this is something I believe everyone should be doing once a while it will yield good results and positive answer thanks for sharing.


Endeme Tariah
08 Feb

Indeed a close mouth is a close destiny...I wonder why our government are so clueless and have no passion in changing the current situation of its citizenry.







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