Think; but do more than you think because your work matter not thoughts

If you think about something it does not matter but if you do something it actually matters.

Dont be the man of words but be the man of deeds, if you merely think do do something but you do not do something, you just spoil your time in thinking about that thing, it has no worth in your life and it has no benefit for you.

But if you think, but not more than that you do, it actually matters, think about your target but do more than you think, be the man of honour, prove your self by doing something great.

Those 20 minutes in which you do something are hundred times more better than those 20 hours in which you just think about something , and are just wasted.

Thinking makes you wise and doing something make you experienced, so think but do more than you think, be wise and experienced, but you work matter more than your thoughts.

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Ali Bhai
28 Nov

Thats good point dear.we should express our abilities inspite of too much thinking.


Rizwan Khan
28 Nov

Yes Thinking is necessary but our thinking in Unnecessary.One must think as much for each work as its importance.


Tayyab Ali
28 Nov

Well said i agree with be the man of deeds.

One who talks may be it is possible he does 

But one who does never talks much 


Syeda Ayesha
28 Nov

Exactly dear,

We shoould do first snd then talk about it, talkative person is lazy mostly and can not do more as he speak


Saviour Essien
28 Nov

You have written well. Thought increases problems it’s doesn’t solve problems we should put our mind & hands to work & avoid thinking all day. Thanks for sharing. 


Tasleem Mohsin
28 Nov

Your actions gives you results not your thinking. So think for less time not for whole day and work better and in more amount .


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