They don't call me pencil dick for nothing; I write bangers.

Disclaimer: The title might be the best part of this post, I wrote it as a test comment earlier and immediately knew it would make a great title...

I did not, however, think any further as to what it would be a title for.

Recently I may or may not have received an offer of assistance to become a dolphin on Hive. I think a dolphin is the 5K club I can't be sure because I don't really know which fish is what but I am sure that dolphin probably tastes like shit because they are not on my local fish and chips menu.

It does make me wonder why I would want to be one. Effectively on Hive the simple answer would be because I will get more curation rewards. That is given no one ever votes my posts.

So the basics are; I would gain more Hive, and that in turn is the same thing for Whaleshares, Steem and Uptrennd. Although Uptrennd is not really in the same category because the only way to gain there is through posting. But the others are exactly the same.

Essentially crypto faucets.

You either earn slowly through voting, or on Whaleshares it is through your daily claim or you earn quickly by posting and getting 10 times what you would just by voting.

Then what?

You get more of whichever crypto, some more valuable than others but essentially the same since if you don't sell it does not matter how much they are seemingly worth.

So you sell.

Then one is more worth than the other and you give preference accordingly. You make more and sell more.

How much though?

I think the how much is where I get hung up, and how that is related to how much you then are supposedly allowed to have.

It is a convoluted question but it is how I feel it instead of thinking it.

With the recent Steem drama and pathetic pennyslut governments doing lockdown I decided to sell my powerdown Steem. Which really was a saving grace. I sold $70 worth and that is almost half my rent which I now have in my account for general spending.

Maybe a better way to frame it is to say that $70 is half my rent. Essentially I get enough to pay rent, buy electricity and then I have about $20 left which obviously goes to cat food and noodles.

My problem is that I don't like wanting things too much. Maybe more specific I do not like being known as wanting things. If I gain more Hive or any of these currencies beyond a certain point the logical decision would be to improve my life by selling it.

If I sell it then people know that I want more of it, that is how salaries work and that is why I am a slave to my salary as it is. So to an extend someone can then use me wanting more funny money to control me and I will then maybe want even more funny money and start posting suckup bullshit and be nice to dumb cunts so I can get more funny money and then I will change my lifestyle because I am getting more and more...

Then I will lose it all, and I and everyone will know that I am a piece of shit that just did it for the money. Funny.

One might say we all do it for the money, it is how you do it that makes the difference.

I could continue meandering but I think this is enough to warrant my awesome fucking title and maybe y'all give me some funny money.

All I hoard: Hive | Whaleshares | Uptrennd | Steem | Image Source


Omoniyi Popoola
22 Jun

I cannot believe I read to the end. I agreed with you that selling my coins makes me want more and become a shit poster just to get more. I've been saving the little Uptrennd coin in making here so price won't force my hands to become a spammer



Not Penderis
22 Jun

Lol, I only read till the end cause I wrote it so that makes you a sucker for punishment... I am sorry. Agreed, it is a fine line between feeling like you earned it or just took advantage. Maybe the difference is not as big as I make it out to be but I think it is still something a person has to figure out for themselves. In the end we all still would love to make a living or get something back from all our time we invest here there and everywhere. 



Hazem BenSalem
22 Jun

Yupp you gave the title its deserved respect and the post met the expectations lol (can't say whether it's a good thing though haha)

By the way, is whaleshares still working? I was there, then I left all the blogging for a while to come back and see that my "friends" there have left! So I didn't even try to sell out... I assumed it's all broken :/



Not Penderis
22 Jun

Yeah Whales still doing its thing. They moved all voting to a daily claim so if you have stake just login and claim and voting has been replaced with tipping so no curation and such kinda like Uptrennd but the tipping is giving your own WLS instead of a public pool. 

Haha and thanx for lying about the post meeting expectation at least I covered my ass in the disclaimer. 



Hazem BenSalem
22 Jun


I'll give Whaleshares a chance to impress me :p

even though the system sounds a little fucked up... (giving your own wls as appreciation... and you must have taken it from someone else.. meaning the only source is the "owners of the stolen" mining it to themselves then distributing it to whoever THEY judge worthy :/)



Not Penderis
22 Jun

Yeah the economics a bit fucked for new people, I think in their mind they are putting buying pressure but for small accounts the only thing to do is post. You have about 2000 wls so that would give you a daily claim of a few wls not much. Then again it different enough to post anyway and see how things go as all these are experiments it does not make sense to put all your eggs in one basket. For me I just post to all these places but do not expect and if something does well then that is nice, if not then that is also fine. 



Sofs Su
23 Jul

Well nothing made sense to me neither the title or the subject, not because your post has no value but solely because I have no clue what crypto curriency is all about, But I do get the drift. 

I really didn't have to be courageous once I got past the titile and the warning.  It was a good read though. 



Not Penderis
25 Jul

Many have their own reasons for crypto but for the most part it is freemarket and open, the inclusivity can give freedom but is also subject to the mob. 



Rock Usama
22 Jun

Oh wow your title is really good. You explain very well. In lock down we need lots of time to mange our business. Thank you for sharing this.



Justice Oliver
22 Jun

Thanks for thus very vital post.








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