There are thousands of ways to enter someone's life

Dear uptrendianns

Assalam O Alaikum!

You have often seen that there are a lot of people in our lives who when they come into our lives they bring a lot of happiness.The manner in which they become our own cannot be estimated 

Apparently they are not our friends or family or our relatives 

but the way they talk, the way they love  to us and the way they get up and sit down with us and stand with us  they impress us a lot.

The way they talk, the way they mingle with us, I can say that they also make us realize that they have an important place in our lives and are very important in our lives. 

But the biggest sadness that happens to us 

is when the same people come into our lives as their own selfishness and stand with us as their own selfishness.

But sometimes it happens that we know their selfishness and we recognize their selfishness but still we remain silent.But when the same people hug us in front of us or talk to us, the only pain that arises in our hearts How it is using us as its own selfishness but we still have to smile in front of this man we have to smile on our face 

And the honor of a person who was in our hearts 

before does not remain in our hearts again In the same way, when you fall from the sight of a human being, then they do not have your status in his heart 

Therefore, whenever you enter the life of any human being, always enter with pissitive thaughts and positive  wishes and do not keep any selfishness in your heart.

Thank you very much for reading. May Allah Almighty keep you happy ..

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Minha Khan
30 Nov

Yeah you right sir!

many peoples comes in our life but we keep silent on their behaviour because they are in our heart somewhere.😐

we have only fear that they leaves us.

and yeah when we enter to someone life we have positive thoughts to start and end our soul otherwise the other person break badly.


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
29 Nov

Ur right Our emotions become so attached to them that we never want to lose them😉


Nazish Gul
29 Nov

Sir, what you have said has happened to us and I will definitely believe what you have said and it has happened to us as you have said. A servant came and disturbed us so much.

We don't have any relatives and no one else talks so sweetly.


Shahid Iqbal
29 Nov

It is the greatest worse of life when the same people come in our life and they use us and go away but when we understand the fairly then their hounor in our heart no remains. We should not allow everyone to enter in our life. We should always be a wise and secure in selecting that who are good for us


29 Nov

Welcome Sir!!

Yes, there are many ways to get into someone's life so that we can make it our own.One thing I want to say to you in my head is that good people meet a lucky servant but not everyone meets him.Of course, if a person enters our life, we join it.Many people who enter our lives enter only for selfishness and for their own sake.Selfishness is a very bad thing. May Allah save us all from it.



Aasia Noor
29 Nov

Yes you are right and the world is full of such selfish people who are just here with us only for sake of their benefit and there are a lot people around us just like them...but those people lose their value in our heart when we come to know about their intentions...though it always hurt us to know such harsh reality about such people but it let us know about their intentions....


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