Football is a game which brings people of different race, colours, language and background together. This is why it is called THE GAME OF LOVE. The game have over 4 billion people across the globe who are devoted to watching the game all around the continents with about 265 million players playing the game both at local and international level. Many people earned their living with this sport either as a manager, footballer, football analyst, medical team, etc. Other mean of earning living with the sport include creation of football news website where fans across the globe can have access to tangible news concerning their favourite clubs and players.


The use of social media in football started in the 2000s when the need to take connections between the fans and their favourite clubs, players and managers to an advanced level whereby the fans will be closer to their favourites even when they are far. The ability to connect to one’s team without having to travel to the stadium makes it easier for fans around the world to have access to their clubs using numerous platforms to watch and follow live matches and get updates concerning any team of their choice.


The impact of the social media on the sport is huge as it serves as intermediary between the fans and the sport and makes the sport world a lovely place to be.  However, in recent times their have been many sites and applications that offers sport news and updates but the fan around the globe needs advancement in the football word and this is why the project THEFUTBOLAPP was created for fans across the globe to utilize and have a taste of blockchain technology in the Football environment.


THE FutbolApp

TheFutbolApp which Is a specially designed application for football game lovers have numerous features for the liveliness of the application and enjoyment of the fans across the globe.  The application which makes use of the blockchain technology is the first of it’s kind and the innovation cannot be seen anywhere else. The application which is designed in a simple, easy to use and less complex way rewards users for their love and passion for the sport through numerous way which is free and enjoyable. A user can accumulate points as much as he or she wants and these points could be converted to the native token TheFutbolCoin (TFC) which can be exchange for other currencies. One of the way a user can accumulate point include:


A user can easily accumulate as many points as possible through free predictions which the application beings every day. Two teams playing against each other, a user can predict the full time result of such game and earn immediate reward in form of points.  The sum of 30 points will be given to a user if it’s prediction is not 100% accurate and above 100 points will be given to any accurate predictions (depending on the level of risk).  These predictions are absolutely free and you have nothing to lose.



Individual can also earn points by posting different sport update of his or her favourite club on the platform and earn points base on the interactions and engagements such a post have. User can post as many time as possible in a day as their us no restrictions to number of posts but it must however be noted that the platform on allow a quality post and user cannot spam.



Individual can refer his friends to the platform and accumulate as many points as possible per referral. Each successful referral which makes use of one’s code to register on the app will make such owner of the code to gain points which he could later convert to TFC.



Rewarding the fans passion for football while make a more easy to use, easy access to football news and any information on football is the sole aim of the platform and this has made the platform a renowned platform among others owning to it’s uniqueness and incomparable features it possess.



Making an interactive neighbourhood whereby fans across the globe cannot only have access to quality football news but can also interact with themselves irrespective of differences in location, colour language or club, yet with ease. The platform brings new innovations into the football society in other to improve the football world and give the fans across the globe a new dimension of sport which is unique,  innovative, lively and has never been seen before.



The Fans

One can easily make friends with fans across the globe boy socially interacting with other fans and sharing football tactics, knowledge, predictions and also argue.



The application have rooms which are active and interactive. One of these rooms is the Player – Coach discussion room which is designed for interaction between coaches and players a across the world.



This shows the highlight, the accomplishments and profile, awards of players


Clubs across the globe can register on the platform as their are advance spaces is available which offers a tremendous marketing expert.


THE FutbolCoin (TFC)

This is the native token of the platform which uses the stellar wallet for its uses owning to its fastness, low transaction cost and security. TFC have numerous uses across the platform as its uses is indispensable and eminent. The coin serves as mode of payment for ads on the platform by advertisers and it also serves as form of reward for users by conversion of points to the token TFC. The coin which is already trading on exchanges can be purchased or earned using the application.


TheFutbolCoin (TFC) USES

The application which runs a unique variation method that is solemnly dependent on in-application premium zero has the ability to target users and investors across the globe at unequivocal events. This is a huge achievement that is different from the bars and dinners which is associated with TVs because they can only target a specific fan in a particular geographical location for a match day.


Active Participation

The sum of 500, 000, 000 TFC is available and can be claim by all users through participation on the application which include making quality posts and comments, prediction of upcoming matches and others.



The coin can also be possess through exchange whereby a user will exchange a supported coin for TFC and become an investor of the platform.


Individual who run adds on the platform or who advertise his products may decided to collect the native token TFC in exchange for the goods or services rendered.



TheFutbolApp is designed in a user friendly manner as all it’s features can be accessed easily without facing any difficulty. This is in other to make it a place everyone will want to be so all users can have optimum fun using the application.


The application which can be easily downloaded on Google play store using the link and also on app store with the link is straight forward and easy to register

1. After downloading the application, open the application and click on register as a new user.


2. Use the promotional code of your referral if you have but if you did not have, no problem you can still proceed


3. Insert your mail and set a login password then click register.

4. Verify your email account and you already become a member of the big family.


The project have team members that are well known in blockchain technology as the possess huge experience which is incomparable and this is helping the ecosystem greatly. The team which consists of technical and non technical members are set of dedicated and highly experienced people which are determined to help the project achieve success.


For the success of the project, the team has designed a roadmap which is realistic, achievable and understandable for the project. This roadmap is strictly followed by the team and it’s indeed helping the project.


TFA possess all the qualities of a great project as the platform have a great team members, achievable and realistic roadmap coupled with a great goal which is to take the football word to advance level using the blockchain technology. The use of the application is eminent as it connects fans all across the world to themselves and also to the sport they love which is football. The platform is great, the application is one in all, adopt the application today and enjoy forever.

For more information concerning the project, kindly visit the following official channels

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zdigital 22
01 Mar

Football is a sport where an entire country is behind a particular team. I think it's time to tokenize this sport.


asma noor
03 Mar

Football is a game in which an entire country is behind a selected. I assume it is time to tokenize this game


Jeremiah Akpabio
03 Mar

This is great, just learnt of it now. It's so thrilled and hope to join immediately.  Thanks for sharing,  I'm a great football fan, hope to make good use of this platform to advance my knowledge in the game.


Sehar Anees
04 Mar

Please follow me


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