Records from the 2018 FIFA football World Cup tournament held in Russia shows that more than 3.5 billion people watched the matches across the globe meaning almost half the population of the entire world are interested in football. This has arguably made football the most popular and most fascinating sport on earth. The huge love for Football by virtually everyone irrespective of age, gender, and race can be attributed to the fact that it encompasses great passion, emotion, excitement and dedications. The mixed feelings that comes with football has generated a lot of digital attention across many social networks such as social media, video streaming app, live score platforms and many more. In fact football players are among the most followed set of people with hundreds of millions of fans and yet, these giant social media platforms aren't build around football activities.

Blockchain-Based Football Social Network

The application of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into the world of football's social network will surely create a robust digital economy for more than 265 million players as well as 4 billion fans, coaches and merchants that makes up the football community. In the light of this, a group of visionaries and experts from the two industries came up with a platform called THEFUTBOLAPP, the platform is built to provide a unified social Network that monetizes human attention to football. In this write-up, I'll share with you the current limitations and the possible solutions provided by THE FUTBOLAPP. Below are some of the current limitations;

1. Lack of dedicated football  social networks 

2. Lack of proper security for users privacy

3. Lack of proper contents monetization

4. Lack of proper revenue distribution

Go-To Solution By TheFutbolApp 

TheFutbolApp (TFA) is a blockchain-based unified social network developed by PandaHAUS with the aim of providing the biggest and the most robust football community worldwide. TFA envisioned to be the one football platform that allows every individual of the football community ranging from players to clubs, fans, coaches as well as merchants to engage in the digital activities surrounding football in the most easy and exciting way possible. The platform is built with cutting edge infrastructures capable of scaling millions of football team/clubs and players as well as billions of fans.

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By leveraging the cryptographic features of blockchain technology, TheFutbolApp is built with cryptocurrency called TheFutbolCoin to serve as it monetization and revenue mechanisms. TFC will serve as the token that rewards and empower attentions of football such as; Sharing of  live scores, video highlights, news, pictures and football conversation by fans, players and clubs. TheFutbolApp was first launched in Cyprus but has grown in millions of active users across the globe, TFA available for download on both Google Play Store for Android devices and also App Store for iOS devices.

TFA Monetization And Reward Model

It is a known fact that even with the so much attention being generated from the world of football, there exists a non football focussed social network resulting to these attention being spread across various social medias, live score apps and video streaming sites. The sad reality about this is that giant social media platforms do generates huge revenue from football attention but gives just little to nothing back to the community. TheFutbolApp is built around a robust monetisation model targeted around in-app premium targeted advertising, by combining this strategy with TheFutbolCoin (TFC); below is how the wealth will be share among the members of the football community;

1. Fans: will be rewarded for adding values such as using the app, winning match predictions, inviting new users, taking surveys and interacting in forums. A pool of 500million TFC has been set for this cause.

2. Players: who build a enough following in TheFutbolApp will be eligible to receive a share of revenue generated through advertisings, they'll also be able to endorse credible product in exchange for TFC tokens.

3. Clubs: can easily partner with TFA to sell tickets and merchandise by using TFC as the main currency, the products bought will be delivered within TFA following the laid down guidelines to ensure the smooth running of the process.

4. Merchants: and business owners can also benefit greatly with TFA by listing their businesses and products for advertising using the TFC token at a reduced rate compare to giant social media platforms.

TheFutbolCoin (TFC) Details And Tokenomics

In order to achieve the main vision of creating a unified social network by TheFutbolApp, the integration of TheFutbolCoin (TFC) is paramount in building such a football-focused digital economy that allows for fair distribution of wealth between the stakeholders of the football community as well as to allow different scale of businesses to run subsidized adverts to millions of TFA users. TFC will leverage the unique features of Blockchain technology to foster smooth, secure and fraudless football transactions inturns creating a robust digital economy. preview not availableThe TFC token is minted on the stellar blockchain; one of the biggest blockchain infrastructure in the industry that allows for fast transaction speed, low fee and highly scalable. The team chose stellar blockchain because TFC will be used as tokenized currency for products, football tickets, crowdfunded donations and merchandise which requires lots of speed, scalability and low fee. A total of only 1.5 billion TFC token was minted with a circulating supply of 250 million tokens, about 500million tokens are dedicated to a pool to be earned by the community through their various interactions.

How To Earn Or Obtain TFC Tokens

• By interacting and engaging in football activities on the TFA APP

• Purchasing from exchanges such as latoken and stellarterm

• By selling football products on TFA store and wallet

• Through peer to peer transactions between users

The Team Behind TheFutbolApp

TheFutbolApp was designed by a group of individuals and experts with vast knowledge of different industries ranging from football, blockchain technology, general fintech, and marketing. The team consists of nine developers who contributes various Cutting-Edge ideas into the table, they've worked together on different sophisticated products around the world. With the working experience of the team, i have no doubt to how much of advancements they'll put into TheFutbolApp in nearest future.

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The team recently announced their plan of hiring more experience individuals from different professions into the team in preparation for the worldwide adoption of TheFutbolApp. The team is being led by STEVE VAN ZUTPHEN; who is a lawyer, product designer, football expert and a system architect in software development with almost 25 years experience in these fields. The effort of the team has made it available for download for all smartphones and everything interested user can get it from either Play Store or App Store.


TheFutbolCoin was created with the main objective of being the go-to-platform for the entire football community through it's Thrilling, compelling, and unprecedented easy to use mobile social network app. The platform provides a redefined advancements to the limitations of the existing social networks by making its app centred around football activities while creating a digital economy that allows for fair distribution of wealth such as empowering fans with reward for their engagements, allowing players with great followings receive endorsement deals as well as provide businesses with subsidized ad offers.

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