The wrong way to discipline a child

 Parents and guardians have to choose the right way to discipline their wards because some behaviors we take towards children is like an abuse of power, it can affect a childs behavior physically and mentally and can make some to be stubborn due to strict punishment. 

I boarded a taxi back from work and inside the taxi there was a lady who was trying to discipline her child for going against her order, instead of cautioning the child softly she was shouting at the child using abusive words on the child without even minding the environment she was, the people inside the taxi couldn't keep quiet but spoke up and told the lady that it wasn't the best way to talk to the child. As a mom or dad if your child or wards do something wrong it won't do any good shouting at your child or using offensive and abusive words on that child because these can affect the child in a negative way. 

Some kids had the ability to be smart but due to bad up bringing or training they become dull mentally. They way we train our kids can help sharpen their future and make them great leaders of tomorrow and also can destroy the child's future. Be humble and caring towards your children or wards,  also respect them so that they will feel safe with you and obey you. 

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Tasleem Mohsin
09 Nov

Always treat your child in a way that he or she deserves and that is to ask them politely and to give them education and examples of our great ones . That will make their morale high and educate them.


Anthony Eri
09 Nov

Many mothers are guilty of this.... Insulting your own child, no matter what they did is not discipline.... There are power in words and instead of using that power to bless your child, you curse that child and when he or she grows up and turns out to be a menace in the society, you begin to run Helter skelter seeking for solution, not knowing you were the one who cursed that child with your careless words.


Tayyab Ali
09 Nov

yes dear, child always demand only love if we behave them with kindness. they will understand us. so always take care childs.


Godswill Johnson
09 Nov

Indeed the way patents treat their wards reflect on how they'll look at them. The words to said yo them might react negatively or positively in their ways of life and how they'll relate with mature ones outside your home.


preview not available Adelan o
09 Nov

Children react differently to being scolded and parents must find effective ways to caution or punish children.

Most times a talking to is enough, no abuses, violence or unguarded behaviours.







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