The Woman Who Dismounted the Heart of the Giraffe She Slaughtered as a Valentine's Day Gift and Shared it in Boastfulness

Still hunting and bragging about in the 21st century ?!

Merelize Van Der Merwe is a 32-year-old young woman. He has been dreaming of this moment for exactly five years!

His wife, whom he described as 'wonderful', also helped make this dream come true for £ 1,500 (!) Of course, when he proudly shared these photos on his Facebook account, he also caught the attention of many animal rights advocates. She even says this must be done to protect threatened species in South Africa.

But this claim is denied by animal rights protectors. Merwe, who has been hunting since the age of five, has so far killed 500 animals, including lions, leopards and elephants, and shared them on his social media account, calling animal rights advocates 'mafia'.

On vacation to Sun City for Valentine's Day, the couple plans to use the skin of the innocent 17-year-old giraffe as a carpet.

"Have you ever thought about how big a giraffe's heart is? Take care of my Valentine's Day gift!"

This young woman, who owns a citrus farm in Limpopo province, South Africa, also said that this situation 'employs 11 people' and 'meat for the locals. The woman who claimed that she could participate also used the following statements:

"If hunting is prohibited, the animals become worthless and begin to disappear. Hunting prevents the extinction of many species. The only people who protect these animals are hunters."







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