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30 May
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Jordan Manzor 1 month ago

Thanks for this contest i like your this 600 1up giveaway.if you have a great faith then weakness is your power.i have seen hafsa mam in depression becsuse poeple make wrong meme on hafsa mam i always respect him

My this week on uptrennd is so great and amaxing.follow me

May God bless you.

Zizy Mena 1 month ago

The giveaway is 600 1up and not 800 1up Ajay. It's good to know you respect her. Keep it up 

Naveed Khalid 1 month ago

Yes It is really an annoying week. Thanks for the contest. It wil be fun for me and everyone. 

P_Love Ihuoma 1 month ago

It's been a strange week for everyone. Yes and the good news is that our token has appreciated already. The Halving is for good i will participate in the contest!. 

Blessing Odibe 1 month ago

Exactly, it is such a strange week indeed. It's really so sad reading so many nasty post about her and beside they just made her mom popular trying to soil her name because I first heard of her this week.

Jordan Manzor 1 month ago

yes right i am also ready for this contest i think it could be great

Zizy Mena 1 month ago

You should and I hope you win 

Zizy Mena 1 month ago

You should and I hope you win 

Ayesha Gill 1 month ago

Halving was a very good initiative by the Jeff and the will have a bright future.

And the low quality users who are doing this shit to go against the Hafsa are ediots.they don't know the respect of a women.this is totally personel.these people deserve some special treatment.

And this meme contest is a very good initiative.i will try my best to win this contest.

Jordan Manzor 1 month ago

Halving is tooo good for us because puonts value increased or 1UP value also increased

Zizy Mena 1 month ago

I agree with Ayesha. Those doing so really deserve some special treatment for disrespecting someone so honourable 

SN 39 1 month ago

Halving is very good for the price of 1 UP.

Future of 1UP is very bright

Romana has donated 5 points to Ayesha Gill 1 month ago

ZONNIA DAVID 1 month ago

Well...before the halvening I wasnt sure of what will happen afterwards but now that the halvening has occurred, I have a better understanding. 

I was so touched when I saw how some of the Pakistans were dragging @hafsa mansoor all over uptrennd calling her all sort of names.It made me to realise how low a mentality such persons exhibit.She isnt the only Pakistan guardian to begin with and secondly..she isnt jeff.why ain't they dragging jeff?why?

We will continue to stand by @HAFSA until these dark days are over.

Wow...let me go check the meme out,to get 1up these days ain't a child's play.

Zizy Mena 1 month ago

They are dragging the one they consider weaker and that's a shame. We must really preach against it 

Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso 1 month ago

The week was a roller coaster! Ups and downs, twists and turns! But through it all, I decided to keep hope alive! Took each day as they came and that's what I am still doing

Zizy Mena 1 month ago

That's how it is. We should take each day as it comes 







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