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25 Mar
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The way the USA has handled this pandemic is an absolute joke

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Jonny Dee 1 week ago

Completely agree, even Trump said that the small business is the engine room of the country, yet funding doesn't suggest that one bit. As you stated it's helping the rich to sustain. I think we have a real problem globally, I might not be American, but corruption bleeds everywhere. 

I am shocked that less people are talking about the Sen. Kelly Loeffler who is an Ex-Bakkt CEO. The jist of the story is 

"Ex-Bakkt CEO turned Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) is the second U.S. lawmaker to have allegedly dumped all their equities after a private, all-senators meeting on Jan. 24. Many are claiming it is a clear example of insider trading." Full article is here if you want to read more about it -

She stated how the economy is going well to people while dumping all her assets after a meeting and she is only one of the politicians caught up in this. I am only picking her out as she was connected a little to the crypto industry. 

I honestly don't know what the greatest system should be put in place to help the average person globally survive the virus financially, but the American model clearly is not the way. There needs to be a more sustainable model as we need to sit tight, social distance and look after our loved ones and the community. Don't people realise that if run out of money and have to work, they will and this will only mean the virus spreads more and for a longer time. 

my thoughts are with you all in this time of crisis, good luck everyone and stay smart and safe.

Jeff Kirdeikis 1 week ago

Fully agreed small businesses need to be empowered to keep competition in the marketplace intact. Otherwise the monopolies trample over everyone.

And yeah that briefing spit out a ton of people who dumped stock, as did a TON of CEO's this year. Certainly beyond questionable.

I think yangs UBI is the best shot we have at something that's sustainable and fair.

Jonny Dee 1 week ago

Especially when most huge companies are not based in the US and pay very little taxes. I think that's an issue as well, companies should look to better the country of origin in regards to jobs and taxes. 

I get the CEOs doing it and that's okay by my book as long as they are not inside trading, my main concern is that these officials say one thing to the public and then keep the important information and sell to save their own skin, I imagine though a lot of the top CEOs are very buddy buddy with them though, so it's all one big loop. 

I also like the idea, my only concern is that it needs to be done very carefully. There needs to be a balance between capitalism and socialism to make a great society, I think America is capitalism on steroids and my country of origin is going that way (The UK) but at least in the UK we have some great socialist ideas such as :- 

- Universal healthcare

- Everyone has a set amount of holidays (25 per year for full time at least) 

- Degrees are loans that you only start paying back after earning a certain amount per year (although the price has vastly increased since I went through university).

Capitalism does breed innovation, it just needs to be checked and regulated. When it comes to Yang, I think going down that route could lead to every election the party just offering more to the citizen and they would simply vote for that party, it would need to be set on the economic growth / inflation and couldn't be used as a campaign promise to just increase the amount.

Jan Bouda 1 week ago

These fake measures aren´t designed to solve the problem. They are here just to gain only some time before the meltdown itself will start in a rough phase - probably at the end of this year or in 2021. You may ask why to gain more time: Elections is my answer.

Now when governments intervene and they give stimulus, they don't give it for free, sooner or later, all of us have to pay for it by taxes, etc.

The problem with FED and other central banks/ governments is that when they intervene the economy, they make it actually worse on the long run. It reminds me a lot Argentinian crisis, the government was running their country on fake monetary exchange rate for over a decade. Now 2 decades later, they are still not capable to get out of that mess created at the end of 1980's.

What I will say may sound extreme, but I think they should completely stop to intervene the economy, and if this has to burst out, then just let it happen because more and more they  pospone, it gets much worse on the long run. But they don't do it because a lot of elites, parties, politicians would completely lose their power and probably certain blocks like Eurozone wouldn't exist anymore.

Edwin Rubio 1 week ago

I cannot agree more with you. Let the bloody bubble burst already. Should've crashed in 2016 just delaying the inevitable by bailing the damn equity markets and elite. The people make this nation run. 

Matthew Rosenquist 1 week ago

We in the U.S. have the absolute best capability (resources) to optimally respond to this pandemic, yet have one of the worst attitudes and mentality necessary to act.  It is frustrating, embarrassing and just plain sad.  Huge mistakes have been made and the trend is not changing fast enough.  

Anidel Silvano 1 week ago

It is funny why governments around the world gravitate towards helping the rich rather than the poor. Perhaps they know something that we don't know what this phenomenon is not isolated in the U.S. Everywhere this happens. Perhaps they are beholden to these people, to these companies which they expect to help them stay in power.

If this is happening to a country like America which for years has been the champion of freedom and equality one can just imagine in other countries that do not share the same values. I think this correlates directly with the people we elect in office. The elections are the only time that we can truly say that power emanates from the people. Hopefully when that time the electorate can choose leaders that align with the values of freedom, equality, and prosperity for all.

Zizy Mena 1 week ago

Something definitely aint right. Like you said we are scratching the back of the wealthy. The common american man who only has his small busines to depend on and noiw gets to be isolated with a petty cheque will suffer this moree then i wonder  about the homeless americans on tje street 

Morgan Nwanguma 1 week ago

Really? You mean there are "homeless Americans" on the streets? Unbelievable!

Becky Ruvare 1 week ago

You didn't know that,they have homeless people out there too. Things are not perfect as many think,you have to work soooooooo hard to sustain yourself and there's the unfortunate people.

Danish Awan 1 week ago

This is happening not just there but in the world. 

Edwin Rubio 1 week ago

a lot choose to be homeless there's a huge drug epedimic here in LA a lot go in insane overdosing drugs. there's also some that can't afford to live also. it's not all pretty but there's a huge majority are drug addicts here in LA

Danish Awan 1 week ago

It's a pity we should think about it. Otherwise it will lead us to disaster. 







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