The Voice Of The Youths I

There's the saying that children are the leaders of tomorrow. Youths are the pillar and strength of any community. Without them (or us), there is no future for such community. In essence this means our children and young ones should not be ignored or forgotten. They should be given some attention. 

Most communities are more focused on the adult, forgetting the youths. When it comes to making decisions about the future of the community, it's growth and development, the youths should be at the center of this decision making. 

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It's just like my mom going shopping for me without me. How can she get the right size of dress or shoes for me, unless I tell her my size? For these decisions to be effective, it's a good strategy to get the opinions and feelings of the youths on this. In other words, the youths should be given a voice. They should be heard. 

Through history, we have  read stories of societies where uprising, chaos and crisis erupted because the youths were not given a sense of belonging. They were not heard, their voices were stifled. Youths should be given a sense of belonging in every society.

Dear Trenndians, How does a community evaluate and support the voice of its youth?


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Maha Ali
27 Feb

Youth have greater power to change the whole world into positivity. Youth enable everyone to speak everything confidently and rise their voice against evils and they can progress in every field of life. They make people strong to stand for their rights. 


Ishmael Kelechi
27 Feb

The should be given their fair place in the society to learn leadership roles. If this generations fails to give the youths the opportunity they received in their time as youths, then they have failed in handing the baton as they have received it. 


Kemmy B.
02 Mar

I agree the youths should be given their rightful place in every society. Sadly, it's not so in ours. 


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
27 Feb

 It is good that young people give their opinion and contribute ideas because they are the engine of society, they will be the ones that govern the destinies of the peoples in the near future.


Kemmy B.
02 Mar

Absolutely! A society without youths has no future. 

The continuity of a society is dependent on the youths and they should be treated right. Thank you 🙂


Muhammad Ishaq
28 Feb

I am trying to convince you for another argument. So far as the case of sane choice about self is concerned, youth must be given a free say. Not only the youth but everyone! The problem is not here. It is of the right or wrong. I do know that these words RIGHT and WRONG, also, are relative i.e. every person takes it according to his own perception, in the light of his understanding of the things. But there are many phenomena which are universally accepted be almost every individual and society. Most people are aware of such universally accepted things. In these instances everyone follows the popular, no matter youth or old, male or female, black or white, Asian or European, etc.


preview not available Adelan o
27 Feb

Unfortunately we live in a system where the voice of the youths are suppressed, oppressed and condemned. The rush for self gain has blind sighted a good number. The community has its part to play and hopefully the youth imbibe the right morals.


Kemmy B.
02 Mar

If only our society would give youths the opportunity to grow and be heard, we would go far. Sadly, it's not so. Thank you for your insightful comment. 🍀


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