The Veritas Flower - A Ten years of Darkness Tale | Part 1

Enjoy the music lovingly crafted by my writing partners son for this story.

Marduk first saw Mirriam when he was seven years old. Spying her from behind his father as the two young children accompanied their fathers to a meeting. Mirriam’s Father was the Baron of the land, and Marduk’s father was being hired to become the Baron's groundsman and from that day forward Marduk would become Miriam's best friend, confidant and soulmate.

Miriam's mother had passed away the year before, when Mirriam was only three years old, seeing her at meetings and serious affairs hiding behind her father was something many had grown used to and respected the Baron for. He loved his child so dearly that he did not just have her be kept busy and out of sight by the servants.

Marduk's father was appointed as the Baron's groundsman and the job entailed that Marduk's family live on the keep grounds. Within the first week the Baron noticed that Mirriam and Marduk would often be off playing and that she was not shyly hiding behind him anymore.

“You two be careful the horses don’t get a fright!” the Baron would call at them from the balcony, smiling at the wonderful fortune it was that the new groundsman had such a good natured boy.

When Mirriam turned nine she became seriously ill, so ill she could not lift her arm without being assisted. The Baron had called for any and all physicians to diagnose his daughter and treat her, but they concluded there was nothing to be done.

The illness disappeared as it had come. Without any warning. The Baron woke up one morning, and heard her laughter outside. He rushed to his balcony and saw Mirriam playing with Marduk. “Mirriam!” He called out and Mirriam stopped right in her tracks as she was to kick a ball then turned and ran to her father.

“Oh daddy, I feel amazing. Like I was not ill at all.” She laughed and then jumped into his arms. “Why did you not wake me my child?” Her father said with tears in his eyes, but knew she would not have wanted to disturb his rest. He thought she felt guilty for being ill and having him all worried.

Holding Mirriam in his arms he looked out over the balcony and saw Marduk waiting for her, “Go play with Marduk. I will see you both soon.”


Mirriam and Marduk were even more inseparable after her recovery, the two would spend every waking moment together. Since they were so close the Baron allowed Marduk to study with Mirriam under her tutors, he allowed Marduk to spend dinners with them and saw this boy soon to be a man showing true affection and love for his daughter.

Mirriam had fallen ill more often since the first time. The Baron was set on protecting his daughter and grew concerned because he knew she loved Marduk with all her heart, and he knew Marduk loved his daughter. He did not have any qualms against their love but he could not have her be betrothed as she was so ill. The Baron would not trust his daughter's life in the hands of any other.

Miriam's illness would come like waves. She would have months of love filled lucidity, spending time with Marduk, their love blooming for all to see. Her health and strength would often surprise those who knew how ill she would get but then, she would crash. Without a warning her health and mental clarity would crash like waves on the rocks then slowly ebb back into a sea of ill health and mental anguish.

Every time things seemed to be worse, year after year. “Mirriam my dear!” Marduk called from below Miriam's bedroom window, “Oh sweetheart!” He called a bit louder. One of Miriam's caregivers came to her window and hissed “Shhhh!” only causing Marduk to laugh more. “M’lady!.” Marduk called again and threw a bunch of roses up to the window. The caregiver caught it and smiled, she knew Mirriam loved these beautiful pale pink roses that Marduk always got her.

A moment later Mirriam was seated at the windowsill. It was something she could not do herself and required help from others to place her there as she was too weak to move beyond gently touching the petals of her favourite flower. Marduk also loved the flower for a different reason, the flower was as unassumingly beautiful as Mirriam to him.

Marduk had started bringing the flowers a few years after her first time falling ill, she was not sure where he got them , they were pale pink roses with the sweetest smell and always made her smile. “Would you like to know what I know?” Marduk asked Mirriam, knowing she was wondering where he got the roses. “You look beautiful today, my dear. ”Marduk said and curtsied dramatically causing Mirriam to laugh but even that took so much effort that she just smiled weakly.

Marduk was already 17 and many would consider him a great son-in-law; his father has over the years risen higher in rank and served as a counsellor for all civil town and land affairs. His father wanted his son to pursue someone other than Mirriam but neither he nor the Baron would dare denounce the love they shared.

Marduk knew that it was simple - He loved her. Everyone knew that he loved Mirriam and would wait for her. Mirriam loved him and she would live for him. Her illness caused him pain and the future at times seemed hopeless but to see her face light up and all was right again. So selfishly he kept his pink rose garden a secret, and promised her that he would show it to her when she did not get ill again.

A few years passed and Marduk shared a few more lucid and healthy seasons with Mirriam, the periods of her illness grew longer. “How are you feeling my dear?” Marduk whispered sitting next to Miriam's bed. She was too weak to even sit by the window bathing in the sun’s rays, smiling at pink petals wondering where they came from, she had grown much weaker this time.

“Better.” Mirriam replied to Marduk. She always said better. It was never worse or the same, She had hope not for her but for Marduk, she did not want him to see her or think of her as giving up. “It is worse Mirriam. It is not better.” Marduk said saddened, anger rising in his voice. He immediately corrected himself and smiled, “Maybe tomorrow will be better, you do recover quite miraculously my love.”

Mirriam smiled back at Marduk, but neither believed.

With Miriam's illness lasting longer and longer the past few years, Marduk has begun to search for a cure. The physicians were of no use to her and at times even made her worse by experimenting with things they could not possibly fathom.

“Lord I request provisions for a trip?” Marduk asked, standing respectfully upright, hands at the Baron’s side and looking straight ahead. “What trip?” The Baron inquired, attempting to keep from laughing at this man so serious before him. He found it a bit out of place as he saw Marduk more as a son-in-law always doting on his daughter. At the same time he felt saddened that Marduk would not move on and find new love. He understood of course and almost felt as though they shared the burden of loving and wanting to care for someone they could not save.

“I wish to find the Veritas flower.” Marduk replied, maintaining his serious demeanour. The Baron sat forward and asked, ”Are you sure?” The Veritas flower was a flower known from ages gone, a flower said to cure anyone. “Yes Sir.” Marduk replied looking directly at the Baron, seeing a glint of hope “Very well.” The Baron responded simply and Marduk left.

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This is an entry to the Marianne West #WeEvent contest with the prompt: Ten years of darkness inspired by @improbableliason

This post was co-written by and created by Sofs Su and @notpenderis

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Jerry Otebele
31 Jul

Awwwww! ❤🎈Beautiful and amazing!!! You nailed it Chief... And I'm looking forward to read the concluding part of your 10YEARS of Darkness... Wish you the best in the contest and more Solomon from where this came from...👍



Omoniyi Popoola
31 Jul

Amazing as always. You nailed it and I'm looking forward to the concluding part to know what happened to Miriam. 



Not Penderis
01 Aug

Thank you, and I read your comment on the second part. I think you may need to read the last bit again. I know it is a long read so it is appreciated that you even read it at all. 



Sofs Su
31 Jul

Thank you for everything, it was amazing working with you. I am not going to forget this experience in a hurry.



Hillary Powers
31 Jul

So captivating! Would Marduk find the Veritas or would he find another woman instead? Would Miriam bow to her illness or would she survive and conquer it at last?

 I really want to know how it ends.



Not Penderis
01 Aug

Press the button , just press it or if a button that says "continue to part 2" is not your style you can follow this link instead. Who knows it may answer all your questions. 



Hillary Powers
01 Aug

Haha. So there's a part 2 already. Sweet!



Kemmy B.
31 Jul

This love story is amazing and romantic as well. Never mind the difference in their status: Barron's daughter and Grounds man's son, Marduk is in love with Miriam. 

Marduk knew the cure to Miriam's illness is the Veritas flower and he seems ready to travel no matter how far or how long it takes to get the flower for her. That's sacrificial love! I'm intrigued! I have to find out how it all ends. 

You and @Sofs Su have done great! Beautiful write up. Best of luck in the contest 😊😊



Not Penderis
01 Aug

Thank you, and I am looking forward to your story and the others. I did not want to cheat by reading stories before we submitted and since I suck at time management we submitted only a bit before deadline haha. 



Oldschool Wrestlingdesires
05 Aug

lol I thought I was the only one! I should have a better plan than waiting for the last minute...



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