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The USE CASE is more IMPORTANT than the NAME of the TECHNOLOGY

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Victoria Haruna 5 days ago

the use case of cause gives the name value

Aliyu Muhammed 5 days ago

I have said this before in a previous post of mine. Only coins with real use case will thrive. Nice post. 

Pius Okedinachi 5 days ago

Thanks Aliyu, I appreciate it

Busola Akinlolu 5 days ago

Definitely, the use case of a project paves way for it's greater and mass adoption.

Pius Okedinachi 5 days ago

Whenever I have the opportunity to talk of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, I really start with crypto, I start with the use case scenario, the projects goals and objectives, timeline, then crypto.

ethan mathew 4 days ago

Off course use case is the main thing ...

michael gu 5 days ago

so true! its all about application. Name is only good for hype, application and use case is for the long term

Pius Okedinachi 5 days ago

I couldn't  have said it any better, Michael


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