The unique place called Africa

There is one thing distinctive regarding the continent Africa and it's individuals and this is often one among the items that got the white thus hooked up to Africa that created them would like they may have it for keeps.

Among the highest countries of the globe Ethiopia wasn't colonised by any & this proves some extent regarding Africa; Africa may be a blessed land smart for planting, natural resources, places of surprise for touristrydo not let anyone deceive you Africa is that the place wherever civilization was birthed, Egypt to be additional precise. They white men claimed that Africans weren't civilised & that's the rationale for establishment however they conjointly agree that civilization started in Egypt.

The white tried to form America like them, they introduce America to their culture however we have a tendency to found our culture in it's depths in theirs. they fight to interrupt our spirit throughout slave traffic however instead we have a tendency to grew stronger & wiser.

Most Africans couldn't write then thus, the white wrote such a big amount of false history regarding Africa however it pave method for our true history to rise. this is often what

makes Africans, the reality we have a tendency to settle forwe have a tendency to build things out of our pain, we have a tendency to rise once we fall, we prove them wrong when they say we can't & we never FORGET who we are 

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Ejikeme Fineglo
18 Nov

The worst thing that happen to any human is for an outsider to be telling you about yourself. African demand for what the white brings only left us to be their slaves. Africa is a blessed land ever.


Adeiyi Iyiola
18 Nov

We are AFRICAN, the most strongest people on earth! We should value or creation and resources, there’s no continents so far having such Natural resources and Geographical zone like Africa. We are Black and stronger.


XxX offiong
24 Nov

Nice one, I like your spirit and orientation it will go a long way pulling up others







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