The treasure trove


Aslam was very fond of sports. He liked to play tennis and squash but most of all he liked to ride his bicycle. He kept it in perfect shape by cleanning it regularly as he enjoyed taking part in bicycle races. 'I'll race you to the woods,' he would challenge his friends. Seldom did he lose a race. His shelf was adorned with trophies of all shapes and sizes and on the wall were photographs of him receiving certificates from eminent personalities. He also coached his friends and family members on how to ride a bicycle. The most enthusiastic student was his younger sister, Amina. He would often encourage her to enter races as she had learnt the skill well.

Then one day there was  a mishap. While riding his bicycle, Aslam fell and broke his leg. He was rushed to the hospital immediately. He stayed there for a week, and Amina made sure that she visited him every day. Although he was badly hurt, Aslam would smile at Amina and say that he had not lost his spirits.

The team of doctors at the hospital tried their level best to mend the broken bone, but finally concluded thay Aslam would be fully cured if he want abroad for a major operation. Aslam belonged to a middle class family, and going for treatment abroad required a lot of money. He left the hospital on crutches and was to remain this way until his family was able to arrange for the funds to take him abroad for the operation.

Aslam's current condition made Amina lose her interest in cycling, but he coaxed and encouraged her, 'Now that i am out you should carry on. Do not give up.' but Amina knew it would take a lot of persuasion and courage. It was not a very pleasant sight to see her brother on crutches.

Aslam and Amina lived with their family in an old, but comfortable house which was owned by very wealthy people many years ago. Aslam's crutches made a loud sound as they touched the wooden flooring of the house. Aslam never felt sorry for himself and always looked happy. He set a good example for others who became sad due to minor setbacks in life.

One day he was teasing Amina and hastened after her.

'I'll catch up with you!' he yelled out to her as she tried to run away. In his haste, one of his crutches slipped from under his arm. As he tried to retrieve it, Aslam fell on the floor with a thud. One of the wooden planks of the floor loosened and moved from its place revealing a box beneath. Surprised, he lifted out the box----it was heavy. When he opened it, he found a note that read, 'This treasure is for the person who finds it.' The box was full of gold coins!

Amina hearing the noise, turned around to see a plank out of place and the shimmer of the gold coins.

With the money from the sale of the gold coins Aslam proceeded abroad for treatment and returned fully recovered. He was welcomed back at the airport. When he became an adult, Aslam married a disabled girl because to him a disability was as normal as being normal could be.



Kainat Fatima
22 Feb

Walaikum Salam, 

It is a beautiful and instructive meal to never be disappointed with life, And adversity is a part of life. It comes and goes. Life is sometimes sad and sometimes happy, 


Dr.Jenny .
23 Feb

hello dear, how are you?

the story is very interesting and I love the end that he married the disabled girl because for him disability was not a disease or sign of incompleteness

really god knows well what he is doing we are just playing a role

life is the name of ups and down see when he was disabled he never loses hope still he was so strong he still encouraged Amina to ride on a bicycle that's the pure love of siblings for each other in end everything was sought out so beautifully

your image source is missing dear please add it to your post

I am going to make a post on write a POST introducing those 5 people to the Trenndiverse! your name will be included in it



preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
22 Feb

This story is beautiful and it teaches us to always keep faith, to smile and understand that God always solves our problems, it also teaches us to accept people as they are because a disability does not make you inferior.
Thank you for your beautiful story.


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
24 Feb

I love the ending of this story. It teaches us perseverance and hoping against all odds. 


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