When we look at the crypto ecosystem, some forms of enthusiasm and confusion (on what we can do or which coin or token one can invest his hard earned money on and still make profit despite the market volatility) fills our minds. 

Here is a short list of coins/tokens to look out for in the year 2021:

1. BTC 

2. ETH 

3. XRP

4. LTC

5. XMR



8. 1UP


10. BCH 

Among these listed, my choice top goes to 1up, Trustswap, BCH, ETH & BTC. 

This year, I see a positive start for the crypto world and having ETH as BTC could be a great asset but holding 1up token could even be more profitable than owning a refinery. 

The best crypto project in my opinion to look out for doing great in 2021 is Uptrennd 1up.

I'm not saying this because I'm a member of the Uptrennd community but because of my practical experience with the token. 

What is 1UP?

1UP is a native ERC-20 token that is built around the core upvoting system, and serves as Uptrennd’s digital currency. 

Uptrennd happens to be the number 1 blockchain based social media platform in the world that rewards users who engage with quality contents. On up Uptrennd, content creators are encouraged by being upvoted. Each upvote builds up points which can be traded for either BTC, ETH, or any other crypto asset of your choice. 


First of all, 1up is cheap and could just become crazyily expensive. In such scenario, only holders of the token will have to smile to the bank. 

Secondly it is still a new project having existed for just 2 years and it is still surviving which also indicates futuristic opportunities. 

Thirdly, it is going fully into DeFi. Which means you can stake your 1up tokens for increased 1up (profits). 

With the mobile app coming shortly, 1up is soon going to be the envy of the entire crypto/blockchain ecosystem. 

For more details about Uptrennd and 1up, click Here

Forthly, 1up  can be acquired by joining and engaging on the Uptrennd platform 

If I were you I would not waste any time further on shit coins that profits nothing. Get 1up and be rest assured that you are covered. 

1up can be acquired also by purchasing from decentralised exchanges such as:

1. Uniswap:

2. ProBit:

3. 1inch:

And a host of other exchanges. 

Buy as much as possible and be ready to smile soon. 


This is just my opinion on the crypto to look out for in 2021. You can always do your own research. 

Thanks for your time. 

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Mine creation. 



C Belief
07 Jan

I have confidence in 1up that this year 1up gonna hit another surpriseingly all time high 

Apart from 1up I still believe litcoin and BCH is a good choice for crypto investor


Hope Ochei
07 Jan

They all have great potentials. I think these crypto assets are going to be exceptional this year 2021 but 1up will be outstanding. 


C Belief
07 Jan

I believe you BOSS



Mr.Oxman Oxi
07 Jan

We all are stand with you and your opinion about 1up price in 2021 in crypto Market we all are seeing the incredible change in graph of 1up price let's see what's happening with crypto Market 


Merit Ahama
07 Jan

You have done well in listing the cryptos to look out for and I am with you on 1up rising to the top. 

It is possible and that is if we all work towards it to make the #1upto600 plan a success. 

Nice one from you, I hope everyone keen into this and we all smile in the end. 


Chinedu Mbamalu
07 Jan

Honestly I see a great potential in 1up. In the nearest future, 1up is going to be among the most traded and talked about in the crypto space


Chidiebere Christian
07 Jan

I hope 1up rep very well cos you've obviously made it your number one here and I stand with you. The time to rise is now o my dear 1,up


Hope Ochei
07 Jan

Oh yeah! It gonna rise so high t I s time around. 


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