The Subtle Art Of Staking : A Win-win Investment Strategy.

The art of staking up more and more token even If you can't buy is more than profitable. Though, looking at your reward curation, one is tempted to take this moment and sell all his tokens. Some are even planning on powering down and selling, thinking it's going to dump soon and they will be able to buy back in large quantity. 

They were wrong, sports isn't going back to those low amount anymore. Today, I still decide to stake more of my tokens, starting with some sports and some lassecash token. I've said it before and I'll still say it again, **I have never for once unstake my stake**. I've been staking things up day and night and it's getting interesting and worth the time.

 [Transaction ID](

 And 120 lassecash Tokens too with [Transaction ID]( Many claimed the end is already coming for many blogging platform, I see some truth in it and I disagree with some too. The point is, if a blogging platfrom refuse to have a use case, there is high probability that it's token won't appreciate in the market.

Take sports for example, one of the things that made many people to leave sportstalksocial is because they couldn't foresee the future of the token. 

Not until many initiative started coming out, like the OCD curation by @cryptoandcoffee and @uyobong post on having many sports organisation and teams come onboard. These posts over time starts sending some waves of the hidden treasures that lies in sports all over the hive blockchain. The result was a pump we have never seen before. Even if you can't buy any of the top tribe tokens (**Leo, Sports, Neoxian, Palnet, Lassecash etc**). You can still do yourself a favor by staking what you've got , all in totally. By that, you're saving up what you could have bought.



Ademigoke Emmanuel
29 Oct

Thanks for sharing this. Will try and stake some coin since it's a win win situation 


Michael Gimba
29 Oct

I also will want to stake but don't know how to go about it, help a newbie


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