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The Steampunk Adventurer

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St3v3 T88888 8 months ago

Thats brilliant our very own John McAfee sketched out in Awesome style haha some guy John he keeps us entertained

Busola Akinlolu 8 months ago

Beautiful art as always Jenina. McAffe need to see this drawing, he'll love it. The controversial man himself.

Jenina Crypto 8 months ago

Thank you! He told me on Twitter he loved it <3

Busola Akinlolu 8 months ago

Awww beautiful, you coukd get a tip for that lol ..

hammad kayani 8 months ago

Thats a brilliant Post I like It

Jenina Crypto 8 months ago

Ahah thanks so much <3 

Jan Bouda 8 months ago

What a great cartoon. Your cartoons actually make all of them look better. You are like my fiancé, she is doing all the subject (including me) a digital plastic surgery which really favors all of us through Photoshop or Facetune.

Jenina Crypto 8 months ago

Lol many people told me that XD but why you need photoshop? ahah your pic is already nice!

Chris Tibbits 8 months ago

I guess the funniest thing here (for me) is, John’s Twitter Account has been suspended lol! Wow!

Jenina Crypto 8 months ago

Hi! Not suspended just shadowbanned, it is @officialmcaffe the verified one =)

Chris Tibbits 8 months ago

Hey!! I’m sorry about that lol! I’m not even sure what “shadowbanned” even is but it sounds bad?


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