️‍🔥The Secret to Success (Part One) ️‍🔥

Do you know that everything that is happening in your life is happening under the law? 

We are all working under the influence of infinite power and we are guided by this principle and we are all working under this power.

That power, that law is actually the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is the secret.

Everything that is happening in our life is happening under gravity, that is, you bring it into your life under the shape of an image in your mind. That's exactly what you think.

"Every thought in your mind is a reality."  

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The law of attraction

The law of attraction states that identical objects have the ability to attract each other. In the same way, whenever you think of something, you are actually attracted to similar thoughts.

Have you ever experienced something that made you unhappy? 

And then the more you think about it, the more it dominates your thinking?

 This is because you keep thinking about the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. And then in a few minutes, so many unhappy thoughts overtook you and you went home in complete distress.

Whatever you want, if you think about it in your mind and then make it a dominant thought, you will definitely bring it into your life. 

Mike Dolly describes the principle that thoughts become things. Under this most powerful law, you can change the way you think about things in your life. "Your thoughts become reality."

Share your thoughts in the comment section and part 2 will be posted tomorrow...

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Aniqa Khan
04 Apr

So Nice write up. Nice selections of words.in my opinion the first secret to success is believing in yourself. Stay positive and just work hard.and never give up in any difficult situation. 


Dr.Jenny .
04 Apr

hello dear aniqa

yes, you got my point if we want to attract anything just have faith in ourselves unless everything is vain...


Abigail Francis
04 Apr

Success is what everyone dreams of achieving but many don't know how to achieve it but thanks to your tips it gonna help a lot


Dr.Jenny .
04 Apr

yea dear just tries to avoid negative thoughts... and be a happy person with this that lives a life that has no disappointments...


Maha Ali
04 Apr

Thoughts always comes into reality if you are serious about your passion. First thoughts then dreams then set your goals, work hard on them. You might be fall so many times but learn from those failures then you reach on your thoughts, and your those thoughts flies you on the heights of sky.


Dr.Jenny .
04 Apr

yes right that are the thoughts that make us or break us 

thanks for sharing your thoughts

stay blessed


Adetola Muheez
04 Apr

Having obsession with success is key cos it really give you so much courage and tireless zeal for achieving.

Inspiring on dear.

Awaiting the part 2


Dr.Jenny .
04 Apr

Thanks dear for reading and adding your comment...

Yep second part would be posted tomorrow..


Nashmia Nehdia
04 Apr

This post is very informative mam. We should think positive and remain in the effort to be happy with the things going around us. When we think negative everything which happen in our life become the cause of unhappiness.


Dr.Jenny .
04 Apr

Yes negative thought kill our future plans but we have to be positive to get that benefits..







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