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On 10th  December,

"Ahad!! Don't run so fast and then you will get hurt "..

Suddenly Safdar heard Ahad's voice which had probably fallen,Safdar ran towards his beloved Ahad..

 "I told you not to run so fast you will get hurt" Safdar said looking at his wound which was not very deep and thanked God.

"This is the time for me to play and jump, otherwise you would be busy all day in your office, my mother would be busy with household chores and I would be busy at school" Innocently answered ..

Safdar smiled at his innocent response and then sat him on his atop and asked,

 "Oh, you still want to run. Look, now you can't run." He was smiling now.

They made their way back home from this beautiful, waterfall-flowing valley, and when they got home, they ate delicious food from Ahad's mother's hand.

On 16th December,

Safdar was busy in his office as usual when suddenly he saw on TV that there was a loud explosion in APS and he fell to the ground under his feet because he had left his beloved Ahad out of his own hands in the morning.He was out of breath ... and he had almost lost his senses.

Suddenly Ahad's cries and screams were heard in her ears saying 

"Save me Dad! I have a lot of dreams to fulfill now I have to go to the army and still I'm a kid.I don't wanna Die.Please save me Dad"  Safdar was running towards his school and the sound of TV was ringing in his ears that there was a suicide blast on APS. 

The bus was not running so he could ride the eagle to reach his Ahad.He heard the moaning and crying at the school door of Little kids and Parents.

On 3rd February!!

"Dad! I will never be able to walk again with these legs.I will never be able to see the beautiful valleys again in such a beautiful scene." Safdar picked him up in a wheelchair and sat him on his Atop "My son is so brave he can never give up and I will carry my son everywhere on my back."

"I can't run now. You're not going to stop me neither going to get hurt." "My Ahad can run so fast with these legs too.He sat him on his Atop and started running. Safdar was smiling and said:

"Ahad !! Now look, my Ahad is running, but only his legs belong to Ahad's father.But don't worry You'll be able to walk again son"

And at that moment, encouraging her innocent child in this beautiful valley,They return to their house and enjoy the Ahad's favourite food.




Adeleye Abdulqudus
25 Nov

So pathetic 🥺🥺🥺🥺

This is the love from a father and the obligation to encourage his child of doing better. 

There are different time to give encouragement and show love. 

I felt so much sorry for Ahad. 


preview not available Skyway Poster
25 Nov

The incident of the Army Public School was tragic and of course this story highlights the true love of parents and children as a condition of how a parent encourages his childrens. 


Emmanuella Miller
25 Nov

Wow, what a heart touching story, so happy that Ahad didn't lose his life in the bomb blast, please continue the story


Fatimah Yetunde
25 Nov

Wow this is really interesting am so happy for Ahad because he has a father that truly care for him even after the suicide blast that made him lost his leg he still love and care for him and am sure with time he will heal


Freekay Gold
25 Nov

Showing love your child encourage his future to stand firm.

Father's love is very important and helpful that's nice ahad father you will enjoy your child.







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