The richest poor man in world

The Richest poor man of the world

Assalam o alaikam to everyone

i hope you all are well and enjoining the 2up.

​today i am here to talk about abdul sattar edhi our hero...

There is no society in the world that does not have all kinds of problems.  Floods, storms, earthquakes, diseases and other natural disasters are also realities of life. Sometimes it happens that in the hour of sorrow, a person is born who becomes a cure for human suffering.  One such person in Pakistan is Abdul Sattar Edhi, the founder of the Edhi Foundation.

 Abdul Sattar Edhi was born in 1928 in a small village near Junagadh, India.  The mother was crippled by the disease.  Abdul Sattar Edhi was only 19 years old when his mother passed away. His mother passed away.  After that, the world of Abdul Sattar Edhi changed. He made the service of suffering humanity his mission. At the time of establishment of Pakistan in 1947, Abdul Sattar Edhi migrated with his family to Karachi.  When a contagious disease started spreading in Karachi, Abdul Sattar Edhi set up a free dispensary with the help of philanthropists. Gradually, this process reached to the establishment of Edhi Foundation.  Under the Edhi Foundation, orphanages, dispensaries, ambulances, rehabilitation centers for the disabled, welfare institutions for the homeless and the homeless are functioning. It is the largest foundation working in Pakistan.  Have been established in other countries as well.  Thousands of missing children have reached their homes with the help of the Foundation. Similarly, thousands of helpless women have taken shelter in Edhi Home.

 Edhi Foundation's emergency service would continue 24 hours a day across the country.  There are 250 Edhi centers all over the country. The Edhi Foundation is talking about the problems of Pakistan. in every hour of need. Abdul Sattar Edhi's wife Balqees Edhi is also working side by side with him.  Both the husband and wife are busy day and night in the service of the people. Helping the suffering humanity is their 

Abdul Sattar Edhi has made Pakistan famous at the international level.  In recognition, he has been awarded national and international awards. Recently, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has awarded him a prestigious award in recognition of his service to suffering humanity and a cash prize of US  100000.

But the greatest reward of Abdul Sattar Edhi is that in the hearts of millions of people I have immense respect for him.  Edhi Foundation is engaged in helping people with donations. Abdul Sattar Edhi lives a very simple life despite having an international reputation. He wears very simple clothes. He has a lot of accidents.  They themselves reach the spot and supervise the welfare work of the foundation. They spread like a beggar to help others and help orphans, widows, the sick and the helpless.  Abdul Sattar Edhi Incidents Pakistani Messiah. His life is a very important lesson for us in us. We should also help others. He should visit the sick. He should help the neighbors.  Do not give up support .

 The service of the people not only makes the heart happy but also creates an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and love in the society and above all, it pleases Allah Almighty. 


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Hameed khan
26 Jan

Wasalam we are enjoying the teusday beside this men like Abdul Sattar Edhi once in centuries no doubt Abdul sattar edhi is legend


Syed Inayat shah
26 Jan

No doubt this man is one of best man in pakistan history. He was always best for poor people and did lot of great job fot needy people 


Maazii Khan.
26 Jan

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a great man.He always help the poor and needy people.Abdul Sattar Edhi is the hero of Pakistan.


Rash 786
26 Jan

Edhi was a very kind and compassionate human being. We Know no one could fill his vacuum that he left but we should support his foundation with same spirit so Edhi Foundation could serve humanity as it was doing before. 

We Miss You Edhi Sir. RIP


Zaighum Usman
26 Jan

May Allah bless the great abdul sattar eidhi highest rank in jannat







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