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The Resuluts of the Banano and Treos Vote!

Banano and Treos community, first off, I'm beyond impressed!
The amount of passion and dedication you have for your projects is inspiring!
You are all the type of people the crypto-world needs more of.
And of course, congrats to the leaders of Banano and Treos for building such a strong culture and tribe!

Because of some events that happened during the vote, we are going to award the top prize to both Banano and Treos!

I applaud everyone who took the time and effort to cast a vote, to rally their community, and to help with the mission!
This is the energy that helps bring crypto mainstream.
I hope that even with the friendly competition and events that occurred Banano, Treos and Uptrennd can continually work together.
Creating synergy between the strongest communities in crypto would be monumental!

I'll be in contact with Bantano and Daniel Spiteri to organize the advertising packages shortly.
The marketing campaigns will launch as soon as we can organize a schedule that fits for both projects :)

Again, thanks to everyone for participating.
The passion was very evident!

As a final "Thank You" to all of the community members for taking part,
leave a comment below with the name of your favorite project, and we'll send you 25 1up! :)



Daniel Spiteri
27 Feb

Congratulations to the Banano and TREOS communities ! 

Thank you to everyone for supporting both projects and taking the time to vote. 

I’m sure both communities with grow from this, both is size and maturity.  Hopefully we can both set a true example of what it takes to be a community and bring crypto and blockchain technology to mass adoption.  

Well done Banano !  It was a lot of fun and hard work but we got there. 


Uduak Eshiett
28 Feb

A true example of a good  leader...Am so happy to have you as my CEO 


Osigwe .c Paul
28 Feb

Best CEO so far


Vhickus Mendel
28 Feb

Oh yes! Marvellous CEO. My Kevin De Bruyne of CEOs. The MVP of CEOs! 

TREOS for life!!!

Busola has donated 25 points to Daniel Spiteri 1 year ago


Ban Tano
28 Feb

Thanks, that's cool!

A huge thank you to everyone for all the support. We'll post an announcement in our channels on the weekend.

After all, Banano got lots of positive comments and feedback from the Uptrennd community. We'll surely do more events here in the future as well.

Make sure to subscribe to the BANANO Uptrennd community to stay updated.


Take care guys, and have a good day!

Busola has donated 25 points to Ban Tano 1 year ago


Jeff Schreiber
27 Feb

While not alone, this is still a victory for TREOS. We have a platform that will stretch the world of crypto way further towards mainstream adoption. We truly have built a new economy for and by all of the people and invite everyone who wants to start using this new and far better money in their day to day lives. Congrats to Banano - And to all of your supporters, TREOS welcomes you to the opportunity and adventure of a lifetime. The world is about to go through massive changes. We built our ecosystem to fly through them>

Jeff has donated 25 points to Jeff Schreiber 1 year ago


Dtwo Oladimeji
27 Feb

Wow! Basically both Banano and TREOS won the contest. This is great. Even though I voted for TREOS, I have to admit that it was a tough decision for me to make simply because both Banano and TREOS are both great projects and they've got interesting use cases behind the project. They both deserve it. Kudos to the Uptrennd team and everyone that voted. Congrats Banano and TREOS. 

Jeff has donated 25 points to Dtwo Oladimeji 1 year ago


Borderpatrol 84
27 Feb

Treos all the way! Thank you for giving our project the opportunity to be seen and enjoyed by so many more in the cryptospere. 

Jeff has donated 25 points to Borderpatrol 84 1 year ago


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