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The Rescue!

The third day started with an attack, a few panicked and some were brave, the ship was caught in a violent storm. We had a leak, water was coming beneath the board it was fixed by Bee Ess, and we hoped it could take us for few days.

For hours, half a damaged ship was at the mercy of the sea and the crew was close to despair as the ration of the lifeboats ran short, two people sneakily took each of the lifeboats leaving the last one.

Now, the final lifeboat would only seat half of the remaining group.

         Now, the final lifeboat would only seat half of the remaining group, although the plan was to stay together, stay close, stay warm, stay calm, and stay safe the present situation has given rise to a change and it demands a solution, things need to be done to prevent more damages.

     At that time the patched section of the ship increased and was sending in more water but we await the first light of the following day.

Finally, the raging storm reduced and the wind changed, the wind began to blow with great uproar, everyone held onto the pillar that was located at the dock to avoid been flown away by the wind at that moment I began humming silently as it grew intense, I sang surprisingly everyone joined too, the atmosphere was joyful and hopeful as it ended in a round of applause, Ti Elle said some few words of encouragement and we slept off.


    It was dawn, the 4th day, just 28 hours after the reckless damage and distress we sustained from the sea, I thought of how we would escape this chaos.


  1. Firstly, I think that if I carried the remaining lifeboat back to the city for help what will become of the remaining crew?

  2. Secondly, I think that few people should board the lifeboat with me to the island of Sao Miguel. ... Known as “The Blue Island” that's almost 350km.

  3. Thirdly, the estimated people that can contain the boat should leave to the island leaving the strong ones including myself.

     That's the best decision so far as I hoped the two other people that left had good intentions and I can stay with the ship waiting for assistance from other sources.

We have spare walkie-talkies, as I gave two to the ones leaving to the island in search of help and clues so we can communicate if the need arises.

As they departed, seeking refuge and strength, I and the rest of the crew sat together and pondered on what to do first, we threw in our collective ideas, raised opinions, and deliberated on it, we arrived at a conclusion to check out the communication ports and find out the reason we haven't been receiving messages, the engineer amongst us had to fix the radios and signals to communicate with the city. 

   “It worked, it worked,” said Owe Ess.

We shouted victoriously! leaping for joy and dancing around!

   Once again we were able to communicate to the city respondent and lucky for us one of those that escaped with the lifeboat has already warned them about the storm, they took necessary precautions to prevent it from destroying the city and help was on the way as rest assured but the search for Victoria continues!!



Some phrases come from Tiger's Post.

Header Image from Uptrennd City Game and Discord edited with canva. 



Maria Amjad Ali
26 Apr

You described its story very well... I'll try to watch it... Because you told, the search for Victoria is continue...so it shows still It may be good. 

Best of luck for contest 


Suny A
26 Apr

Hey nothing to worry about, I am on the job of patching up the hole with Owe and the two missing team members are out to bring help from nearby ships in the area.


Saviour Essien
26 Apr

You have described the story so nicely that everyone will love to have the continuation at their tips thanks for sharing.


Jeremiah Akpabio
26 Apr

Do not be despair, the two crew members are out looking for help. They would soon return with solutions to the problem. Besides, with the work done by the engineers to fix the radio and signals for easy communication with the city,  there would be help.


Cesca Jove
26 Apr

Of course......they needed to leave early as possible... to avoid been so late....I hope you are part of this game..


Adedamola Gideon
26 Apr

Interesting,  the search continues 


Cesca Jove
26 Apr

Yeah it's really interesting.... seems you are a newbie in the platform welcome to Uptrennd!

But this post is for the uptrennd city game it's open for you to play....mind you comments like yours is not appreciated in anyone's article to avoid been downvoted🔻

I will see you there!







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