This research work is based on personal experiences and discoveries from a family member (Mrs. Toyin Nwako). 

If you missed the first part of this research work, here is a link to take you back to part one THE USE OF SECONDHAND CLOTHING IN NIGERIA


Secondhand clothing markets exist in almost all countries in Africa. Nigeria as a developing country is the prominent importer of secondhand clothing from the few developed countries, most especially the United States and the United Kingdom.

Nigerian economy has affected so many people in different ways with the hit of diverse problems which include the rise of unemployment, poverty, and lack of basic resources. These result in the thirst and demand for cheap and affordable items by the people. The sales and use of secondhand clothing is one of the major businesses most Nigerians are engaging in to keep themselves in vogue which explains why the trading of secondhand clothing increases daily and most people are being forced to use secondhand items.

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The availability of secondhand clothing in Nigeria has helped both the importers (sellers) and the users (buyers) to maintain good sustainable standards of living as a result of the benefits of buying high-end clothing items at a cheaper rate.

Most of the secondhand items sold in the markets are usually in good condition and can be reused again even for a longer period. This makes most people in Nigeria purchase secondhand clothing because of the uniqueness in the style and quality of the clothes. One can find beautiful designer clothes at secondhand clothing markets/stores and purchase them at a very cheap rate.

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In the past years, many believe that people with low income or low standard of living are the ones who buy and use secondhand items, which means people believe that when someone buys used clothing, they simply conclude that they just couldn't afford to purchase the new clothes.

However, it is now a common trend among Nigerians to patronize secondhand clothing stores and/or markets. This is done by people mostly to boost their appearance, charisma, and fashion sense as seen in the lifestyle of the Westerners without having to spend a fortune.

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Other reasons and benefits include:

  • Durability: Most of the clothing items found in secondhand stores are of high quality in style and texture. This makes it last longer even after being purchased as previously used material.

  • Fashionable: Many people find the right clothing items that suit them nicely which makes it easier for them to express themselves through their fashion sense thereby making them feel good and confident about themselves.

  • Savings: Low-income earners or those who have no better jobs can look elegant without having to spend much on clothing and also help them to save some cash.


Thank you all for staying with me through this. I believe you have gained some ideas on the use of secondhand clothing in Nigeria. In the last part of this project, I will be talking about the following topics -


  • The drawbacks or problems attached to the purchase and use of secondhand clothing

  • Health and safety precautions to note when purchasing secondhand clothing




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Ismaheel Adeleye
02 Feb

Thanks for bringing up such an amazing topic. Second hand clothing used to be something previously attached to poor people as you've mentioned, though the tide seems to have changed. 

I could remember when my mum used to buy us some then (they come with a particular scent) and we'd have to wash it at least twice before wearing. They usually last four times longer than the new ones we wear occasionally. I still wonder why. 

Anticipating the next post on this as I'd love to know the health factors to take note of when purchasing second hand clothing.


Enoch Yakubu
02 Feb

I really like secondhand clothes but some easily wear out and look old


Lummy Ayeni
02 Feb

Everyone has its own personal believes and reasoning but like seriously Nigeria should have a better standard than those second hand clothes they bring to urs but our government has folks the citizens up with corruption and now make a second class human and we settle for second hand things, we don't belong to that class .


Ifiok Eso
02 Feb

Second hand clothes are way too cheaper and can last longer due to its quality.  It will help you save money for other things..


Moscom Moses
02 Feb

Even though I don't like second clothes, I don't have any issue with people that wear them.

Just as you listed above, many people go for them because of they are fashionable.







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